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What Does A Green Porch Light Mean?

Did you ever see green porch light in your neighbor’s house even when it’s not the month of December? Has this question ever crossed your mind what does a green porch light mean? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have tried to give you a clear idea of that.

The green porch light is basically used to appreciate the U.S military veterans. It is also used in May to recognize the memorial day. Some people use a green porch light all the year with the intention of showing respect to U.S military veterans.

The psychology of color temperature

Each light source including the white color has a particular color temperature. The difference in color temperature is measured by kelvins. The color temperature between 2700 and 3000 kelvins are known as warm colors such as orange and yellow. These represent the sunrise and sunset which make us calm from inside 

On the other hand, the color temperatures of 5000 kelvins or more are known as cool colors such as blue. These help us to increase our concentration. There are other common color temperatures which include warm light and the color temperature range is between 2700 and 2800 kelvins.

Why green porch light?

Why Use Green Porch Light

Before answering the question “What does a green light on your porch mean?”. I think you should know why the green porch lights are actually used. The green porch lights are not just used to convey a message. Most people think that the color green is representative of hope, peace balance, and humanity.

Some countries in the world have adopted the tone of green color as an icon of them. Using the green lights means supporting any movement or concern. In most communities, green color porch lights are used for representing healing. They are also used for the purpose of safety of the household. They are also used to increase plant growth by activating the growth hormones.

Green porch light meaning

Green porch light has several meanings. We have tried to explain these meanings to you.

Green porch lights all year round

Some people use the green porch light all year round to respect the U.S. veterans and men and women in the Armed Forces. Those people believe that showing gratitude to those who serve the country for one day isn’t enough. So they show respect to them for the whole year. When you see your neighbors decorating their porches with green lights it can also mean that they are showing gratitude to veterans living in the area.

Veterans Day

Some people use green lights on their porches on Veterans Day to appreciate the selfless service of the U.S veterans, military personnel, guardsmen, reservists, and other selfless services. This tradition has started in 2009 when a resolution was taken by the Moapa Valley Town Council to switch the white porch lights to green lights for celebrating the day by honoring the local veterans.

Every year 11th of November is celebrated as Veterans Day. There are around 20 million veterans in the U.S who are suffering from both physical and mental injuries because of warfare and other tragedies. There is a specific program that was launched by WallMart in 2013 named“Green Light a Vet”. To respect and appreciate the services of the veterans the green porch lights are lit from sundown until midnight for the whole weekend of Veterans Day and for throughout the year when a U.S veteran passes aways.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day also known as Decoration Day is basically a holiday in the U.S in remembrance of the military soldiers who passed away while working on missions. Memorial Day is organized on the last Monday of the month of May. Most people usually raise a flag and put a light display on the front side porch to honor the U.S militaries who sacrificed their lives while serving the country.

Americans mostly visit graves and tombs of soldiers and turn their green porch lights to honor the men and women who died for the sake of the nation’s independence and peace. To make the holiday less depressing, many people go on vacations or have barbecues, probably because Memorial Day weekend falls on this holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday in the U.S and sometimes it’s known as Green Out Day. Using green porch lights on this day is very common. The green porch light used on this holiday isn’t directly connected with Ireland’s flag or shamrocks. But it is connected with an old Irish saying.

Exposure to Lyme disease

Another green porch light color meaning is the exposure to Lyme disease awareness month. The green color is used to represent the disease because ticks are often green. Several cases of Lyme disease are quickly increasing in recent years and can also increase more. This is one of the top six most prevalent diseases in the American list of nationally reportable diseases. 

There are programs intending to increase public awareness and healthcare so that the prevalence of Lyme disease can be decreased. In communities across the country, green porch lights are displayed in May as it’s the Lyme disease awareness month. There is an estimation that 300,000 people in the U.S.are diagnosed with Lyme disease every year.

Honor COVID-19 Victims

The green porch light in Kentucky indicates the deaths caused by Covid-19 when the epidemic hit the state in 2020. The green porch light not only honors those who died as a result of the coronavirus but also encourages others around the country to do the same. Many individuals in Kentucky are participating and seeing it as a way to express that “we are all in this together.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should you turn on or off your porch light at night?

Answer: If your porch light is continually on, it is unlikely that you will avoid a robbery, and it also wastes a lot of energy and money. It is not advised because it can be inconvenient for your neighbors.

When retiring to bed, it’s important to switch off your porch light to conserve energy and money while also avoiding light pollution. When you’re anticipating a visitor or a shipment, or just when someone will be late, it’s a good idea to keep your porch light on. This will make it easier for them to locate your residence.

2. What is the optimal lumen count for an outdoor light?

Answer: Outdoor lighting with a luminous output of 200 to 500 is recommended. A lumen is a unit of measurement for light brightness. Softer light is preferable for outdoor use and shines brightly in the dark. When you have multiple light sources, a single light source should always be a little brighter.

Different brightness of porch lights are used for different purposes, such as strolling routes, where softer lights of 100-200 lumens are used, and security, where lights of 500 to 1300 lumens are used.

3. What is the origin of the green porch light tradition?

Answer: The practice of lighting a green porch light to commemorate military veterans originated with a Walmart-led campaign in 2013. Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment launched the “Greenlight A Vet” initiative, which ensures jobs for eligible, honorably discharged US veterans when they return home from service.

Members of the public were asked to change their porch lights to green and share their photos on social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet to demonstrate their support for US military veterans. According to Walmart, the color green is a symbol of hope and rebirth, while the term “green light” means “moving forward.”The company sought to generate a national dialogue about how essential veterans are to our community.

Final Words

The meaning of the green porch light can be inspirational for everyone. There are various reasons why people use green color lights on their porches. It is important to know what different kinds of porches actually mean. We hope that this article will help you to have a clear concept of the question “What does a green light on your porch mean?”.

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