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Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Fridge

With the rush and the busy world in which we live, we often buy things to eat and then when we take them to the fridge we don’t know where to put them. Or if the number of people living in a house increases, we find that there is a lack of space for food in the fridge.

Obviously, you always have the recourse to buy a larger refrigerator, especially if more people will live than when you bought the old one. But you can also put into practice a few simple tricks that will help you save space, have everything more organized and do not accumulate food without need. Discover how to take advantage of the refrigerator space.

Know About your Fridge and Put Things in their Place

The first and basic thing is to know what each refrigerator shelf is for. Normally usually indicated with symbols. And of course, place things where you play. If your refrigerator has an egg cup, put the eggs there instead of leaving them in the container. In addition, the way to place food in the fridge is:

  • Vegetables in the Drawers Below: The drawers below are prepared for fruit and vegetables. You don’t need to wash it so it doesn’t lose moisture. If your fridge is No Frost, cover them with aluminum foil to prevent them from drying out.
  • The Meat on Top: There are fridges with a tray for meat and fish on top to keep them cooler.
  • Dairy on Top

Do Not Store Cans or Preserves in the Fridge

The cans and preserves are made on purpose to be out of the fridge for a long time without the food spoiling, so it is absurd to put them in the fridge taking up space. As for the cans of soda or beer so that they are cold, the key is to go putting cans as we consume, for example, two by two, and not having eight cans at a time in the fridge taking up space.

Put the Pyramid-Shaped Bottles

There are times when the bottles (of water, wine, etc.) do not fit in the part of the refrigerator door. The solution is to put them lying in a pyramid. So that they do not move you can use clips on the sides of the lying bottle to make it stop. The space released from the door can be used to put sauces, jam and so on.

Use Airtight Containers to Store Things

The best way to organize the prepared food is in containers of the same size that allow you to then take advantage of the space in the refrigerator. Adapt the form and quantity of food we want to keep to the type of lunch box.


Do Not Put Pots, Trays or Pans

This point is related to the previous one. If you cook for example a paella and you have half left over, do not put the pan in the fridge because it will take up a lot of space. Distribute it in airtight containers. Not only will it take up less space but also the food will be better preserved.

Cover the Surface with Aluminum Foil

More than a measure to save space is a tip to avoid that, in case something spills or gets dirty, you have to disassemble or take everything out of the fridge to clean it. Put a film or aluminum foil under the trays and shelves to avoid dirt, and when it is dirty, you change it and you’re done.

Leave in View in a Box the Food that will Expire or Consume First

Many times expired foods accumulate in the refrigerator because we have them hidden between the shelves and we don’t realize it. This not only takes up space but is a waste of food and money. Always try to expose what will expire, if necessary on a special shelf for it.

Check the Refrigerator Before Buying and Use Labels to Identify Foods, Especially in Frozen Foods

Before making the purchase, be very clear what you need and what not and if necessary check your fridge. Sometimes we buy products that we already have in the refrigerator started because we do not remember, therefore occupying more space and spending without need. To better identify the products, use labels. This is very useful in the freezer, where we sometimes have frozen meat or fish in bags and we don’t remember it.

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