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Small Bathroom Design Ideas: 6 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Modern

Are you want to decorate your bathroom in modern style? In this article we have brought many ideas, tips, and examples of small bathrooms design.

We tell you everything. With them, you can get the most out of yours. We will name items that will help make a small bathroom look bigger. 

In addition, we will give our best tips so that, depending on the position, a bathroom cabinet does not take up more than it should. You are ready? We start!

It is essential to optimize the space available in the bathroom so that you can move with absolute freedom and get the most out of the optical sensations that you perceive from it. Stay tuned for the advice we give below to get it

1. Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Since the dark tones subtract amplitude, light tiles, for example, white, cause a gain of space while transmitting cleanliness and cleanliness.

Likewise, we recommend that, even if your bathroom does not have a window, it contemplates the possibility of opening the space with a skylight that enables the natural passage of light from another bright room in the house.

This can be placed where there is no toilet or closet, such as above the door or shower.

2. Distribution and Design of Small Bathrooms

The distribution of the ideal bathroom furniture consists of placing the basin in the foreground, the most attractive element.

Secondly, place the toilet so that it is not so visible from the corridor, and in the background, we house the bathtub or the shower tray. The latter is more appropriate in the design of very small bathrooms.

In case the surface of the toilet is elongated and narrow, we are conditioned to place both the toilet and the sink on the same wall. You will wonder why? Because you will find it more comfortable to move through it.

To take advantage of all available spaces, it is advisable to be aware of these three locations where you can store those personal hygiene items that you want to have more at hand.

  • At the Door or Behind It: There are towel racks, which fit perfectly to the inside of the door itself and occupy just a few centimeters. Likewise, in the small space that can be left behind the door when it is open. Although it does not fit a toilet, it is an ideal place to place some shelves, both work and wood.
  • Corner Shelf: You can also find specific shelves to place in the corners, and take advantage to house different items of your personal care in their drawers.
  • Wall Shelves: Due to its breadth, the shelves on the walls are especially useful for arranging larger items for daily use in a bathroom, such as towels or other decorative accessories such as the aroma diffuser that you like.

3. Lighting – The Key to Decorate Small Bathroom

When designing a small bathroom it is very important to have the advantage of translucent elements. In this sense, you can do without curtains because they can be a nuisance when occupying unnecessary space. Using, instead, a glass shower screen will give you the feeling of being in a larger space.

In this same sense, the bathroom mirror is the ideal ally to generate the feeling of spaciousness in any room of your home.

Specifically, for mini bathrooms, very practical advice is to try to make the mirror size as large as possible, since it reflects the light, both external and internal, and will give you a perception of spaciousness.

Likewise, in a small bathroom, we recommend forgetting bulky lamps or lighting elements. However, we recommend more discreet lighting, such as an LED lighting system, for example, with modern LED mirrors.

4. Small Bathrooms with Shower or Bathtub?

One of the first solutions that assail the mind when you want to amortize a small space, without a doubt, is to huddle all the toilets. Here, we are going to give you different ideas for a small bathroom. Take note!

Small Bathrooms with Shower

The main bathroom furniture to do without in these cases is the bathtub, which can even occupy a third of the bathroom.

Instead, we can place a shower tray with its corresponding screen, which we recommend to be made of transparent and sliding glass.

Small Bathrooms with Bathtub

Although the shower trays are winning the battle to optimize the available space, a good corner bath never hurts if the bathroom measures allow it.

In this way, the installation of this type of bathtub will save you space. Of course, without giving up a relaxing bath.


5. Furniture to Decorate Small Bathrooms

Do you want to know more furniture that will facilitate the design of your bathroom? Your wishes are orders for us!

Washbasins on Furniture or Corner Washbasins

Suspended furniture with a built-in washbasin makes it easy to dispense with shelves that occupy additional space.

Currently, in The Bath, we have a variety of washbasins on furniture for all tastes, with which you will get spaciousness and a more orderly place.

If you need to take advantage of any corner, we recommend the corner sink. It undoubtedly has a multitude of advantages: it favors the movement without obstacles and frees the walls where to locate the rest of sanitary ware and furniture.

6. Small Toilets or Suspended Toilets

Among our ideas of small bathrooms, an indisputable one is that a small bathroom will require, in the same way, a mini toilet. In its installation, we contemplate two options.

On the one hand, the small size toilet will give a very nice and thorough touch to our toilet. On the other hand, with the suspended, you will gain an incredible space and bring a decorative touch to your liking.

The best option when talking about small bathrooms is to have toilets that adapt to the available measures. Some examples of The Bath are the Rimless Cyclone small toilet, the modern Verona toilet or the Rimless Bologna low tank toilet.

Final Note

If you have any questions, at The Bath we are at your complete disposal to solve it and find the best solution to get your dream bathroom. Get to work!

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