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5 Ideas to Make a Beautiful Cheap Garden

The idea of having a beautiful and cheap garden may seem impossible to you. It is true that the garden needs some financial outlay, but if you want to turn the outer space of the house into a pleasant place, with the least cost of money, there are some tricks that can help you achieve your purpose and enjoy the gardening, to the Once you get a deep knowledge of the plants.

Ideas to Make a Beautiful Cheap Garden

Do it Yourself

I am one of those who believes that inside all of us, there is a potential gardener. We may not all become the best landscape painter in the world, but with love for plants and much effort, you will create a beautiful garden.

There is no single and correct way to create a garden, and gardening is not an exact science in every way. While there are principles that must be learned, as is all about the needs of the plants we choose, gardening has a lot of sagacity and good taste.

Even if you don’t feel gardening as an innate skill, I assure you that you can become a good gardener by acquiring the self-taught skill. Observe with interest the works and procedures of other more expert gardeners, experiment, and analyze your successes or your mistakes.

I learned this way, and my techniques may not be perfect, but the experience of working the garden my way and seeing the results is very satisfactory. Today I can discuss my achievements with other gardeners and even advise those who start.

To those who start their first garden, I would give, first and foremost, an advice that I think is interesting: avoid compulsive purchases, those that lead you to acquire a plant because of its beautiful leaves or spectacular flowers.

It is understandable that in your visits to the nursery you fall in love with some bush full of flowers, they are so beautiful! But taking it home without considering important things is a mistake.

And the important thing is to know if it fits with the climate of your garden if the soil you have is appropriate for it and if its final size is adequate for space you have reserved for it.

All this I tell you after recognizing many mistakes that I made in the early days. You can correct mistakes, and even learn from them, but I write this in you can help someone get the garden of their dreams without wasting money and greater chances of success.

In gardening, there is much to learn, but the good thing is that it is a fun and very satisfying learning.

Put all your senses into it (as little as you can) and start without making large expenses and waste.

The time will come when you can introduce expensive plants into your garden without fear of “killing” them the first week.

Sow Seeds

Getting plants from seeds is much cheaper than buying large plants, and the satisfaction of seeing them sprout and grow is very special.

I did not start my garden from seeds, but today, if I started again and with what I know, I would surely sow much more than then.

Whether you want to make an ornamental garden or if you want to plant an orchard, you can do it with a few packages of seeds.

Tomatoes, lettuce and many other vegetables sprout quickly, and you can see results almost immediately.

For the ornamental garden, there are many very easy plants to get from seed: marigolds, valerian, osteospermum, joys or thoughts are some with which I have tried. It’s nice to see your little plants appear, without having spent a penny on them.

The way to do it is nothing complicated. Prepare the areas where you want your plants to grow with a soft, loose and nutrient-rich soil, that’s what the seeds need.

Buy some pack of seeds and spread them on the ground Water and enjoy watching the small plants appear and grow your garden.


Choose The Appropriate Seeds

Each plant has needs in terms of soil, temperatures, and hours of sunshine. You must observe how all this is in the garden area that you are going to sow to buy the right seeds.

Study the needs of the plants you like best before taking action. You cannot mix plants for shade gardens with plants that need sun, or plants with different water requirements.

An interesting option is to buy some mixed seed packages, and there are both for shaded areas and sunny places.

You will find them in nurseries and garden centers. With these mixtures, you get varied plantations and full of color, similar to a wild meadow.

If you prefer a more orderly garden, buy the seeds of each species in separate packages and choose the distribution you want.

Mix perennials and perennials, some wild plants and some vegetables. With this combination, you can get a beautiful garden that gives you edible fruits. Why not insert some lettuce, for example?

Adapt The Garden To Your Tastes

My methods may not always be conventional, and this is not at all. When working with developed plants there are certain design standards that speak of the appropriate distance between the plants and order in heights.

It is possible that with this technique you get a hodgepodge of plants and flowers, but then you can refine it. As is your garden, you are free to pick up plants, change them or eliminate what you don’t like.

You can also add more things if you feel like it, it’s about getting to know your garden and learning what is going well or not with the experience. And for that, you don’t have to spend a lot.

Plant Cuttings: Another Cheap Way To Get Plants

I learned to cut as a child, and it was thanks to my mother. On the balconies of my neighborhood, the neighbors cultivated geraniums, and it was very usual that bits of broken branches fell into the street.

I observed that my mother picked them up and took them home to plant them; over time I began to pick up bits of branches. Maybe my love for plants began with that simple gesture.

The cuttings are another way to get a plant without spending anything. If you have acquaintances who practice gardening, you will surely find people willing to give you cuttings of their plants or make exchanges; it is the cheapest way to expand your collection of plants.

Bottom Line

Many of the plants that I have in the garden come from cuttings that have given me: geraniums, sage, rosebushes, succulents, itineraries, ribbons, hydrangeas, etc. There are many plants that are easy to reproduce by cuttings.

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