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How To Use Vacuum Cleaner Properly: Learn 7 Simple Steps

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If you just bought a new vacuum and do not know how to use vacuum cleaner properly or you have time with one but you feel that it is not helping you to clean the carpets of your house, do not worry because in this article we will help you to know some tricks that will facilitate you the cleanliness of your home and allow you to obtain excellent results.

Tips on How to Use your Vacuum Cleaner Properly


To start using these appliances you must document the capabilities and functions of your new purchase. You can do it through the manual that comes in the box, but we know that many times the idea of looking for instructions is very tedious.

So we invite you to look for a tutorial or research on the internet. You just have to put the model and brand of the vacuum cleaner and you will have at your disposal various results.

Although there are many types of vacuum cleaners, here are some general tips you should know to give proper use to your vacuum cleaner. Those tips are as follows:


First of all, you have to make use of observation. Visualize your device well. All vacuum cleaners contain a bag or container where they store the dust they collect, make sure it is not full because if so, the machine will not give you a good operation.


Before taking the vacuum, be clear about the places you want to clean, this in order to establish which accessories you are going to use.

For example: if you want to clean the corners of the room or the upper part of the curtains in your room or it could be the carpet cleaning, you should use the extension hose to reach those hard-to-reach places.

how to use vacuum cleaner


It is recommended that at the time of vacuuming you have the area cleared, that will facilitate your journey. Start by moving furniture or removing objects that can become an obstacle in the path you are going to travel when cleaning.


When working with your vacuum you should be very alert of every movement you give because the vacuum will absorb everything that is in its path.

In this way, if you find a medium or a small accessory on the floor, the device will swallow it. Depending on the size and texture, it may cause permanent damage or damage to the device.


When watching many movies with scenes of ladies using the vacuum cleaner in the center of the room, you might think you know how to do it perfectly.

This may be the case, but if you feel that there are still traces of dust left after vacuuming, this may be due to the way you are aspiring. It is for that reason that we will share the correct way in which you should move the vacuum cleaner.

You just have to slide it from back to front and vice versa, but keep in mind that it is at the moment that it recoils that it performs the function of sucking the dust that lives in the carpets of your home.


When you decide to aspire, try not to have other obligations to fulfill because aspiring is definitely a job that requires a lot of patience and dedication because if it is done with a lot of speed, the most likely thing is that the work is in vain and the results are not satisfactory.

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