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How To Make Spray Paint Dry Faster – 8 Easy Steps

Spray paint is one of the most interesting things to do. But the irritating thing about it is that it takes a lot of time to dry the paint. It can be annoying that you finished painting but you can’t move on and do other things because of the wet paint. When you are handling a project and you want to complete the project as soon as possible but it might be torture to wait for the paint to get dry.

Are you looking for ways how to make spray paint dry faster? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know the ways to dry spray paint faster.

How Much Time Does It Take Spray Paint To Dry?

You might be wondering “How long does it take to dry spray paint?” Normally it takes a few hours to dry. Some brands might take too much time to dry to get fully dried. It might take 24 hours or more to get the paint dried fully. But check the label on the spray paint for the estimated time that it takes to be dry.

Sometimes it also depends on the thing you are spray painting. If you are painting on glass or cardboard then it won’t take much time to dry the paint. But if you are painting on rubber or plastic then you might need to wait for hours. So you need to be careful in that case.

8 Easy Ways For How To Make Spray Paint Dry Faster 

1. Decrease Humidity

decrease humidity - how to make spray paint dry faster

Decreasing humidity while spraying paint is important. Never spray paint at the highest humidity. It’s a very foolish thing to do. The drying process of the paint can be affected by humidity easily as it slows down it. Always spray paint when the humidity level is between 50% to 70%.

If your area is humid then you can use a dehumidifier in that case. Just take your item inside the house and run the humidifier. If you can’t afford a humidifier then check if your AC can do the work for you. 

Air conditioners these days have a dry mood in them. This function helps you to keep the air dry on high moisture days.

2. Use Thin Coats

Using thin coats is the best way to spray paint any object. The thinner the paint coats will, the less time the paint takes to dry. Most people follow techniques that include thin coats. But their techniques have some flaws which cause their spray paint to dry slowly.

Use your entire hand to move the can around the object while you are spray painting. But make sure not to move your wrist. It will help you to avoid overlapping the paint excessively. You can also use paint thinner to adjust the thickness.

3. Curing Spray Paint in Oven

You can use an oven to dry your spray paint faster. When the spray paint is dry enough to touch, bake it at 25℉ for two hours. In some cases, baking paint might be the best option. Some paints may get cracked at high temperatures. But ensure that the paint you have used is safe to dry in the oven.

Avoid using traditional ovens to dry spray paint. While drying spray paints release harmful volatile organic compounds also known as VOCs and chemicals in the air which can stick inside your oven. And when you cook your food in the oven the chemicals might get into your food. Always use a toaster oven to dry your paint.

4. Create Air Circulation

decrease humidity - how to make spray paint dry faster

A good ventilation system is important when you are spraying paint. Most of the spray paint brands contain volatile organic compounds that are harmful to humans. Before painting ensure that there is an adequate amount of airflow. If you are spraying paint inside your house then you can use a fan to create good air circulation.

Keep on the fan after your painting is done to dry the paint faster. If you are working outside then you might consider painting in your garage so you can use a box fan as well. Never spray paint on windy days for safety purposes. Avoid running a fan in a dirty room. Because it can create a mess.

5. Run A Heater Near the Painted Area

A heater might be a brilliant choice to dry spray paint. Because it helps to produce more airflow. High temperatures and air circulation is the best combination if you want to dry your spray paint faster. A heater is useful on humid days because the heater can help to reduce humidity levels.

There are several ways to execute this method. You can use the heater near the painted area to dry the spray paint faster. Or leave the object to dry with a heater. The spray paint might get dry in minutes instead of several hours.

 Using a heater may not reduce your drying time to another level. But it will help your paint to dry faster than the usual time.

6. Use Furniture Polish

Using wax-based furniture polish might work like a charm when it comes to drying spray paint. The furniture polish can dry the spray paint almost instantly. It works as a sealant. So make sure that it is your last choice if other ways aren’t working properly.

Just spray the whole surface of the object in thin layers with wax-based furniture polish. Let the polish dry for 5 minutes. Then wipe up the extra furniture polish with a soft cloth. Check if the paint is dry enough or not.

7. Use a Heat Gun

heat gun for drying paint faster

You might consider using a heat gun to dry your spray paint faster. But be careful while doing so. If you use it on a high setting your paint might get removed. So make sure to use your heat gun on low settings while doing the process. 

You can also try drying spray paint with a hairdryer. Hold the heat gun 2 inches away from the surface of the object and move in constantly to ensure that heat is spreading evenly. Always maintain safety while using a heat gun.

8. Paint Outside on a Sunny Day

You can consider this option if you want to dry your spray paint without any headache. Just make sure to plan to paint outside on a sunny day. Most people love to paint in summer because the sun helps to reduce the dry time of the paint. Always paint in the morning so that there is enough time for the paint to dry.

Choose a day when the temperature is too hot. Especially when the temperature is between 65° to 85℉. The humidity level must remain average.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does Spray Paint Dry Faster in the Sun?

Answer: The sun hinders the paint from curing evenly. Certain paints, particularly latex, dry faster than others. More time between coats is required when painting in hot, sunny conditions. When a second coat is applied too quickly, the paint may peel away from the moisture that has accumulated underneath.

2. Does Spray Paint Need to Dry Completely Before Adding Another Coat?

Answer:  No, before applying the second coat, the paint should be touch dry or semi-dry. You can add a new layer of paint when the surface of the paint feels dry. If the paint is not thoroughly dry, it may remain wet for an extended period of time, causing harm.

3. Can heat make spray paint dry faster?

Answer: Yes. Heat, in reality, accelerates the evaporation of many liquids, including water, which is contained in many coatings such as spray paints. This means that if a hot surface is nearby, the paint will dry faster than usual.

4. What’s the best way to dry spray paint with a heat gun?

Answer: When utilizing a heat gun, keep a space of around 6′′ – 12′′ between the nozzle and the surface. Additionally, keep it moving until the paint begins to melt and rise, indicating that your product is ready to be coated.

Final Words

Drying spray paint faster is necessary for some situations. Most brands of spray paint dry within 24 hours. But considering completing a project this time is too much.  There are several ways of drying spray paint. But if you follow the steps that are mentioned above I can ensure that you can make your spray dry as fast as possible. And the best way among them is to use furniture polish.

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