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How To Kill A Spider On The Ceiling? – 8 Effective Ways

A spider in your ceiling can be both irritating and disturbing at the same time. You may have invested so much money and time to make your home pleasing to the eyes. But you might have noticed some presence of spiders in your ceiling which are interrupting that beautiful look that you gave to your home. 

So if you’re looking for how to kill a spider on the ceiling, then you have come to the right place. Here you will get to know about the ways how you can easily kill or remove a spider that is hanging on your ceiling.

Why should you kill spiders?

There are various reasons to kill a spider. The main reason is that spiders have many species and most of them are poisonous. So they can take away your life easily. Another reason to kill spiders is that they are long-legged creatures.

 Humans, especially women and children, fear them. So that is why you might consider killing them. Spiders normally eat insects and pests that carry diseases. So they can be the source of spreading many kinds of diseases. So this is another big reason to kill them.

8 Ways For how to kill a spider on the ceiling 

1. Using cup and paper

Do you have a question in mind like “should I kill a spider on the ceiling?” or if you consider getting rid of spiders as humanly as possible without killing them then you should consider catching them with the help of cups and paper. And then letting them go without killing them. First, you need to place a cup over a spider. After that, steadily move a paper beneath it.

Then just turn the cup upside down while the paper being top of the cup. The spider will get stuck in the cup. After capturing the spider you can just release it outside of your home. Be careful not to squish the spider in the process. A bigger cup is suggested to use to catch the spider.

2. Using vacuum cleaner

The easiest way to kill a spider on your ceiling without touching it is to use a vacuum cleaner. A strong vacuum might kill the spider along with its egg sacs. If you don’t want to go close to the spider then using a vacuum cleaner is the ideal way for you. 

Detach the hose and suck that spider up. Make certain that enough time has passed to ensure that the spider is dead. Though a vacuum cleaner will not kill a spider but it will help you to catch it. But if the spider gets stuck into the filter then it might be dead. This is another way to deal with the spider as humanly as possible.

3. Sprinkling the spider with vinegar liquor

Vinegar liquids might be used to kill a spider on the ceiling. Vinegar liquids usually are poisonous for spiders. Just take some slices of lemon and squeeze them into the water and mix them into the liquid. It will act as a spider repellant.

After sprinkling it on the spider you will see it escape from the ceiling and go outside by the windows. Or you might see it come at the walls from where you can easily catch it and throw it outside. Lemon and mint juice are also helpful spider supplements.

4. Squishing the spider

First, stand on a chair or a ladder to reach near to the ceiling. Then just squish them with the help of tissue. If you are using a tissue then grab a lot, so you don’t smash the spider and squish it till it’s dead.

You can also use sandals, shoes, newspapers, a phone book, or anything else that you can quickly and simply place on top of the spider. A long-handled broom can also be used to smash the spider from a safe distance. However, be cautious while using this method to kill a spider because you risk missing it or harming it. Squish it a few times to get rid of it. After that, use a lot of tissues to clean up the dead spider.

5. Apply vinegar or essential oil

Spiders can also be eliminated by spraying them with vinegar or alcohol. Any of these solutions can be placed in an aerosol container. Every time you spot spiders on your ceiling or crawling around on the floor, spray a large amount of the solution. 

The solution will terrify the spider for a few seconds, giving you enough time to break it. Aside from the alcohol, oils like citrus, cinnamon, and rosemary can effectively repel spiders.

6. Water splashing on the spider

This is the most effective way to get rid of spiders from the ceiling. Just splash water on the spider and then remove it. If you don’t want to touch it you can just take a cup and a paper and then capture it as mentioned before at the cup and paper step.

This process might not be very effective for those spiders who can walk on the water. But spiders which are found generally in houses are not able to do so. So this process might work like charm on them. The water drops will slow down the spider. So you can catch it with the help of a cloth or cup and then can easily kill it.

7. Using bug spray

Using bug spray is a simple and effective method to kill the spider without getting close to it. Different companies have created different kinds of aerosol foams that are sprayed from several feet away. In most cases applying bug spray will kill the spider. In case it doesn’t do so then it must slow the speed of the spider.

Be careful when you are using the spray. Wash your hands with soap after using the bug spray. Also, clean the area that you have sprayed. Always keep the spray away from your children and pets. So they can’t come into contact with it.

8. Using your hairspray

Spray the spider with your hairspray bottle. It won’t always kill it right away, but it will paralyze it long enough for you to find something to smash it with.

Yes, it may appear to be a gimmick, but it works. If you spot a spider on your ceiling and have nothing to kill it with, use hairspray, you will be amazed at the results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does Hairspray kill spiders?

Answer: Yes, hairspray can kill spiders that you’ve recently discovered in your attic, garage, or corner of your home. However, it is entirely dependent on the brand you are using, the type of spider, and your spraying abilities. Hairspray, like spiders, may be dangerous to humans as well.

2. How long does it take for a spider to die after being sprayed?

Answer: Spiders exposed to a 4% oxygen atmosphere died in around 35 minutes, implying that closing the lung slits completely for hours or days would be harmful even if it were possible.

3. Does bleach kill spiders?

Answer: Bleach has a plethora of applications. Bleach’s acidity also allows it to destroy domestic pests such as spiders. It is not, however, a licensed insecticide due to the hazardous side effects it has on both humans and the surfaces it is sprayed on, so use caution while using it to kill spiders.

4. What kills a spider instantly?

Answer: In a spray bottle, combine one part vinegar and two parts water. Spray these on any probable spider access points, including windows and doors. Every week, spray this.

Final Words

Spiders are harmful and irritating. So if you find that there is a presence of spiders in your ceiling then you should take proper steps to get rid of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might suffer in many ways for them.

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