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7 Practical Solutions to Keep Mice Away from Your Garage

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Are you irritated by mice attack in your garage? Do you want to keep mice away from your garage? Mice are kind of rodents who look for shelter and food for them. Garage is one of the perfect place for them to live because most of the people store their grain stacks and other foodstuffs there.

Winter is the time of the year when the activities of mice get higher than other times. In winter they mostly need shelter which they easily get from garage. So keeping mice out of the garage in winter becomes an important issue.

In the short term, you can’t think that mice are small creatures so there will be no such big issue. But they can cause problems like bad smells, chewing through walls, electric wires, and foodstuffs which are stored in the garage.

How do you get to know that your garage is attacked by mice?

Mice are small rodents and it is quite tricky to find out their presence in your garage. You need to look for some markers or signs by which you can know their presence.

The easiest way to find out is by looking at the droppings. Mice have droppings that are black or brown in color and they look like grain shape. Also, you can check if there is any bad smell, the urine odor because rodents have solid musky odor in their urine. You can also check for the garage walls, electric wires, and stored foodstuffs if there are any signs of holes in them.

Pets like cats, dogs behave unusually when they can sense some kind of presence of rodents in their surroundings. So if you have pets and they are acting weird when they are near to your garage, then you need to know that there is some kind of rodent attack in your garage.

Why garage is one of the most favorite place of mice?

Mostly mice like garage because they can get warmth and shelter easily in garage. As mentioned before during winter the mice attack gets increased the most because at that time they look for shelter and a warm place. Getting in the garage is easier and more comfortable for them.

Another reason is the availability of food for them. Most people like to store their grains, pet foods, bird seeds, and other edible foods in their garage. So it is easy for the mice to manage their food without any struggle.

Mess might be another reason for which mice like garage. Most of the people don’t give importance to keep their garage more organized. As a result, most of the garages are messy. So mice can hide themselves easily into a messy place rather than a place which is organized.

Nest materials might be another big reason. Mice like soft material for nesting. Those materials are frequently available in the garages.

7 ways to keep mice out of your garage

Mice infestation can be a huge problem in your garage. The best solution is here to prevent mice to invasion in garage rather than looking for solutions when infestation has increased at a terrible amount.

Setting up traps:

There are several traps there that can be used in the corners of garage to keep mice away. The most common traps are spring traps, sticky traps, and live traps.

Spring traps are kind of traps which has the simplest design. When a rodent applies pressure while feeding, a bait tab loosens, allowing a spring-metal bar to snap down on the offending rodent.

Sticky traps are used to catch mice in the human way as possible and these kinds of traps are made with substances which is extremely sticky and resonate with wax.

Live traps are used when you find the idea of killing a mouse repugnant, there are a variety of live traps you can use to catch them. The majority of designs employ some method of luring the rodent in, then tripping a door or hatch that traps the live mouse.

Reduce the usage of cardboard as much as possible:

As mentioned before that mice like to nest in soft materials so the usage of cardboard or any kind of paper type products.

It is true that cardboards are cheap and it can reduce costs in many ways but it is also a fact that cardboards are one of the center points of attracting mice to garage.

Mice can easily chew them and can do whatever they want to do with those. So reducing the use of cardboard is needed.

Close all the entry points and gaps:

Mice enter into the garage very easily by holes and gaps in the walls and doors. Check your garage very closely and look for the holes and gaps and close them by taking proper steps. This will not let mice to entry in your garage easily.

Use Peppermint:

Peppermint is safe for the environment and also a natural impediment for mice. You can spray a solution of peppermint extract and water around the circumference. Every once in a week you need to spray this solution.

You can also plant peppermint around the surroundings of your garage. The smell of peppermint keeps away rodents from your garage.

Don’t Store Grains and other edible foodstuffs:

Don’t store your grains or other edible foodstuffs in your garage. Because these stored foods attract mice easily to attack in your garage.

Keep your garage clean and organized:

Mice invasion typically occurs is the dirty and messy places. So, for this reason, clean your garage floor once a week. Also, mice love to hide in most of the garages because they are messy and the mice easily can hide themselves there. So try to keep your garage organized.

Keep pets like cats or dogs:

It’s not just like that every cat or dog likes to hunt mice. But the right kind of cats and some certain dog breeds can be impactful at catching and killing mice. Especially cats are known for killing mice from the ancient periods. So pets can also be a very practical solution of keeping away mice from your garage.

Final Words

Mice might look cute. But if proper steps against them aren’t taken a single of them can ruin your whole environment of the garage and your health also wealth can be also impacted by them. So by these tips, you can keep mice away from your garage and get relief in your daily basis of life.

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