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How to Iron Without an Ironing Board – 6 Best Tips & Tricks

Do you need to iron your clothes but you don’t have an ironing board in your home? Are you looking for ways how to iron without an ironing board? Well, you have come to the right place. The good news for you is that if you don’t have any ironing board you can still iron your clothes.

There are many homes where there is small space and because of that people can not have an ironing board. But some people have professions where they need to present themselves in a formal way. So there are some ways in which you can still look presentable by learning that how to iron without an ironing board. So you are going to know about the ways to iron your clothes without an ironing board here.

6 ideas for how to iron without an ironing board

1. Choose a suitable surface

Most of the people don’t have an ironing board in their house. There are numerous amount of ways to iron your clothes without having an iron. And sometimes you don’t even need iron. But if you need to iron your clothes and get rid of that small wrinkles then the first step is to find a right surface.

A flat surface is needed for proper ironing. Because it ensures that the proper heat and pressure your cloth gets from your iron so that the wrinkles can vanish. There might be several options for surfaces like:


Floor is the most convenient surface to iron your clothes properly. Floors are already heat resistant so it will be much easier to iron clothes for a long time. Hardwood floors and ceramic floors are ideal for ironing.

Before putting your clothes on the floor make sure that the floor is clean. The only issue with the floor is that it can be uncomfortable for your arms and back.


Ironing on a table is quite similar to ironing on the floor. But it is more comfortable than ironing on the floor. All you need to do is to cover your table with a thick towel before ironing. Then your table is ready for ironing.


Bed is also a great option to iron your clothes when it’s about surfaces. Bed is a soft surface. So when ironing on the bed make sure that you don’t leave your iron in the bed or else it can burn the soft materials.

Washing machine or dryer

You got confused that how a washing machine or dryer can be used didn’t you?? Well, don’t be. Because I am talking about to use the top surfaces of these things to use as a surface for ironing your clothes and it’s pretty convenient.

2. Choose An Appropriate Covering

You may have seen that in most of the cases ironing board has a covering. This assists to spread head and steam evenly in your clothes. This cotton fabric is heat resistant, and it also aids in predicting the material underlying. The options for covering are:

Ironing Blanket

Ironing blankets are mostly used in replace of thick towels. You can place them on any desirable surface. After using them you can just roll them up and keep them in any place you want. It helps you to iron on any surface without any damage on them.

Magnetic ironing mat

If you’re ironing on a metal surface, such as your washing machine, these are great. They will adhere to the surface and will not move. They can also be used on the floor, bed, or kitchen table. They simply will not adhere unless the surface is magnetic.

3. Use a cloth steamer

A clothes steamer is another great option to iron your clothes if you don’t have an ironing board or an iron in your home. If you don’t also have a flat iron in your home this might be the alternative tool to get rid of the wrinkles of your clothes. It might not give you the crispy result as iron but it’s worth using it.

There are varieties of steamers available in the market. You can use the variant which is convenient for you. This is great for people who travel frequently or need to save storage space.

4. Use a hair straightener

Your hair straightener can also be an awesome option to get rid of the wrinkles from your clothes. When you are on the run or in an out-of-town business meeting and don’t have access to an iron, you may use your trusty hair straightener to smooth out those creases.

You don’t need any surface here. It might not help you to get rid of the bigger wrinkles but you can help you to get rid of those tiny wrinkles which are responsible for that odd look in your clothes.

5. Use a wrinkle release spray

If you don’t have much time to iron your clothes and you are always busy with other kinds of stuff then wrinkle release might be the perfect option for you. These sprays have chemicals that help to relax the fibers of your clothes and then the wrinkles will be gone. You just need to spray and then pull the clothes until they become smooth.

6. Toss in the dryer

Yes, you saw that right. You can also remove wrinkles with the help of your dryer. Just toss your lightly wet clothes in the dryer. Dry them in medium heat for five or ten minutes.

Take them out after that and hang them until they are dry. It saves your time cause you can now multitask while drying clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Iron on a Glass Table?

Answer: When ironing your clothes without an ironing board, you may need to prevent. A glass table provides an excellent flat surface for working, but you should never set a hot iron directly on the glass. If your glass table is chilly, abrupt heat exposure may cause it to break or smash.

Can I Use Cardboard as an Ironing Board?

Answer: Cardboard can be used as an ironing board as long as it is positioned on a flat surface and there are no creases in the cardboard that might end up in your garment. It’s also a good idea to use a blanket or towel to avoid any fire hazards.

What if I Don’t Have an Iron?

Answer: Begin by removing your clothing from the washing machine or dryer while they are still somewhat damp. Using an airer or a hanger to hang your garments while they dry will allow gravity to remove any wrinkles that may have remained on your shirt or dress. However, you may require additional storage space to enable this.

Final words

There are many reasons for which an ironing board might not be available in your home. But there might be many situations that can occur when you need clothes that are ironed properly. So you need to know about the alternatives of ironing boards. So that you can apply them in emergency situations.

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