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10 Reform Ideas – How to Give New Air to Your Home

We would all like to be able to make reforms at home to give a touch of comfort and modernity. But sometimes we don’t have enough money for it.

Sometimes, making small reforms leads to great improvements and with little effort, without needing to scratch your pocket a lot.

In today’s post, we give you ideas to renovate your home without turning everything upside down, simply with a few minor reforms.

10 Reform Ideas to Give a New Look to your Home

Analyze the Weak Points of Housing

Before starting small reforms, the weak points of the house must be analyzed. Issues such as insulation or ducts require special attention. It is necessary to prepare a project that fits our needs and budget. In the event that small reforms that we have planned to exceed our ability to do so, a professional should be asked for help.

Almost everyone has the typical friend who is dedicated to these things and may not go beyond our budget, but in case it is not, it is convenient to request a detailed budget from several professionals to compare prices and stay with the one that suits us. Sometimes the advice of a professional, even if it seems that it will be more expensive, can save us money.

Economic Materials to Reform your House

Currently, there are new materials that facilitate the renovation of the house, some of them allow us to avoid the works completely. This is the case of vinyl coverings, anti-humidity paint, PVC materials, etc., with these materials you can save yourself from facing endless debris to clean.

The painting is ideal to give a new look to your home economically material. You can improve any room, making it more pleasant, giving light and expanding space.


The pipeline is one of the factors that most concern, especially in housing secondhand. We must inform ourselves if they are copper or iron, and it is convenient to check their status. If the pipes are visible they can be replaced without lifting the floor. One of the solutions to renew its appearance is to paint the pipes of the same color as the wall or camouflage them after a tall piece of furniture that will also help protect the vertical pipes.

Reform Doors and Windows

Changing doors and windows is one of the most expensive factors when making reforms. If the doors are not very damaged, it will be enough to wash them. The semi-lacquer is very easy to apply and is even more economical. If you decide to paint them in white, or the same color as the wall will be a sure hit.

The wooden windows will look like new if the frames are sanded and painted. You can also place curtains that will change the appearance of the room and will serve as insulators to prevent cold or heat from entering. If you do not want to place some curtains and the window does not fit quite well, then you can place some weather strips, which the cheapest way to insulate the house from the cold.


Getting correct lighting throughout the house helps give it a new and comfortable air. Properly distributing lamps, spotlights and points of light will also help to reduce electricity expenditure. Ideally, place LED lighting and thus contribute to the savings in your electricity bill. You can also make your own lamps with the help of this post about DIY lamps.

The mirrors also play an important role in expanding spaces and give depth to the room’s paper. They also give more light to dark areas of the house.


Small Reforms in the Kitchen

If what you want to reform is the kitchen and leave it more beautiful and cozy for little money is also possible. You can cover the cabinets with vinyl, there are glossy or matt. The combination of vinyl with antique furniture will change the aesthetics of your old kitchen.

Replacing the tiles is expensive and cumbersome, so you can renew the tiles by painting them or applying a sturdy paper or special vinyl.

Other tricks that work are; Change the handles of cabinets and drawers, decorate the wall with some striking slate-like element, clock or a photo mural or put colorful curtains.

Small Reforms in the Bathroom

At the time of reforming the bathroom, without the need for major works, we can leave it as new. If the walls are painted with synthetic enamels or moisture-resistant vinyl’s are placed, we will give it a new air. For the floors, there are many paintings and coatings that are easy to place on top of the tiles and are very easy to maintain and very economical.

If we want to enlarge the space, it is advisable to remove the bathtub and place a shower tray and instead of large furniture you can install shelves or shelves.
A good measure to update the toilets is to change the faucet. In the case of the toilet, you can replace the lid with a more modern one.

Small Reforms in the Hall

The living room is the main room of the house. If it has a dining room, you can separate the spaces without the need for a partition, you can place a mobile screen or a sliding door, these will achieve a wall effect and you can join the two spaces whenever you want.

Textiles play a fundamental role in giving a new air to the room. Changing the curtains, upholstering the chairs or combining the sofa with cushions will give your home a renewed look. You can also paint a wall and put decorated paper to highlight an area. If your living room already has a wall with wallpaper and you don’t know how to remove it, in this post you have the solution.

Small Reform in the Bedroom

In the bedroom, it will be enough to change the arrangement of the furniture. You can make a headboard with some original element or renew the bedding. If you have a study table in the children’s rooms you can replace them with shelves, placing several at different heights allows us to use one as a table and the others as shelves to place all kinds of objects.

Used Recycled or Outlet Materials

Many buildings sell the materials they have not used at a much cheaper price, there are also outlets that offer manufacturing surpluses and discontinued series reduced to 70%. These types of materials are ideal for those who like DIY and crafts because they will give a different touch to the home.

With all these tips you can transform a home without the need for major works and, above all, with little budget. We hope this post has helped you. Below we leave you some links to some products that can help you start with the reform. And remember that if you have any questions you can always contact us.

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