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How To Get Spray Paint Off Mirror – 9 Effective Solutions

Spray painting is always fun and enjoyable. But sometimes things can go wrong and you might make mistakes while doing it. It is quite annoying when you spray in your mirror by accident. And it gets worse when you don’t get to remove them easily and it is needed to get rid of them as soon as possible.

So, have you sprayed your mirror with paint accidentally? Are you looking for ways how to get spray paint off the mirror? Well, then you have to the right place. Here you will get to know about practical ways of how you can get rid of the spray paint off the mirror.

9 Steps For How To Get Spray Paint Off Mirror

1. Using Lacquer Thinner

How to get dried paint off a mirror?? Well, when it comes to efficiency lacquer thinner is the best in removing paints. So it must be your very first option if you want to get spray paint off mirror. 

If the spray is paint is wet then you might clean it easily with a cloth or towel. But if it got dried then you will need the help of a solvent. Take a cloth or towel and apply lacquer thinner to it. Let the cloth or towel soak the thinner for a few seconds. 

Now wipe the paint using the cloth or towel and if the paint is stubborn then you might rub it with force. Never apply the thinner directly into the mirror or it might damage the frame of the mirror.

When the paint is removed clean your mirror with soap very well. Lacquer thinner has a very strong smell. So it should be used in a place which is well ventilated.

2. Using a Scraper

If you don’t like using chemicals then you can get rid of the spray paint with the help of a scraper. At first, take hot water with some drops of liquid soap and apply that soapy water on the spots with a towel carefully. Wait for a few minutes. Take a sharp blade to scrape the mirror.

Scrapping the mirror depends on the pressure you put while scrapping. So you need to be very careful. Push the scraper forward gently but never scape reverse or your mirror might get scratched. Before scraping make sure that the blade is sharp enough or there might be a blunder.

There is another reason to apply that soapy water into your mirror. It will help to prevent the mirror from getting scratches.

3. Using Nail Polish Remover

This is the easiest way to get rid of spray paints from your mirror. Nail polish remover is easy to find around you. It contains acetone in it. Acetone is a chemical that helps to dissolve the paint.

Take a paper towel or cotton and apply an appropriate amount of nail polish remover on it. Just wipe that towel or cotton on the affected area. If the paint is stubborn then you might rub with the cotton or towel strongly. But make sure not to break the mirror in this process.

You can apply more of the nail polish remover. By that, you can avoid breaking the mirror accidentally. You might have a question in your mind “Will acetone damage a mirror?” The answer is if you can use the proper amount then your mirror will be safe.

4. Using Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

Easy-off oven cleaner might be also a good option when it comes to get spray paint off mirror. Spray it to the area which is affected. Don’t touch the chemical while applying the cleaner to the mirror.

Just wait for 30 seconds after applying the cleaner before you scrub the paint off. You might need to apply more pressure to some areas to get rid of spray paint. But this chemical might be harmful to you. So while applying it make sure to wear gloves for safety purposes.

5. Using Hairdryer

You might be wondering how a hairdryer will help you to get rid of spray paint off the mirror. Well, let me tell you that hairdryer is an effective tool in it. In this case, use a hairdryer with high heat. Just turn the hairdryer at the lowest settings. Hold it as near as possible to the mirror.

Be careful that you don’t end up damaging the mirror or burning yourself. When the spray paint heats up use a plastic card to remove the paint from the mirror.

6. Using Distilled White Vinegar

White distilled vinegar is very effective when it’s come to get rid of spray paint from your mirror. Since mirrors are made up of glass so it will work nicely on them. Just take one cup of distilled white vinegar. Then heat it to under its boiling point. Make sure to wear hand gloves while doing the process. 

Take a sponge and apply the vinegar to the paint by using it. Then just wait for 15 minutes. Then take a cloth and rub the paint. You will see that most of the paint is coming off the mirror. Then take a cloth that was soaked in soapy water and clean the mirror with it.

7. Using Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is another best tool to remove spray paint off your mirror. When the paint is wet it’s easier to remove them but when it gets dried they become harder to remove. Paint thinner such as toluene, naphtha, sunny side, and turpentine are of great use in this case.

Be careful that the place should be well ventilated. But best is to do it outside of your home. Take a cotton cloth and dip it into the paint thinner. Rub the cloth on the affected area. Make sure to wear gloves while the process is ongoing.

8. Using Rubbing Alcohol

Another name of rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol. It’s not as strong as lacquer thinner or other paint thinners. It is best when it’s come to use on plastic surfaces. Never leave the rubbing alcohol on the mirror for too long or else you might end up damaging the surface of the mirror.

Take a smooth cloth and dip a corner of it into the rubbing alcohol. Then rub the mirror with that corner of the cloth and you will see that the paint will start to remove slowly. Don’t use a big amount of rubbing alcohol on the mirror it’s not safe to use too much alcohol. After the paint is removed take a cloth that was soaked into the soapy water and clean the mirror with it.

9. Using Graffiti Remover

If you have a lot of spray paint on your mirror, try removing it with graffiti remover. These are designed to readily remove spray paint from surfaces and can usually be bought in hardware or home improvement stores.

Simply massage the spray paint remover over the entire area that has been covered with spray paint with a clean cloth. After the required amount of time has passed, wipe the area clean with water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Kind of Paint is Hard to Clean from Mirror?

Answer: While water-based and acrylic craft paints stick softly to the mirror and are easily scrubbed away, enamel, once dry, can be a little more difficult to remove. This is why oil-based enamel paints may necessitate more effort and time to remove and fully clean the surface.

2. How can we remove dried spray paint?

Answer: First, use a knife or spoon to scrape away as much of the hardened paint as possible. Then, using a cotton or cloth, scrub the nail paint remover off.

On the other hand, if you remove the paint from the fabric, it can be washed. Washing in a washing machine might make the paint come off more easily.

3. Is it possible to remove spray paint from the mirror?

Answer: Using various materials, we can simply remove spray paint from the mirror. To remove the spray paint off the glass surface, we can use nail polish remover, a hairdryer, white vinegar, and other items.

Final Words

Removing spray paint from mirror when it’s dried can be hard. But you can easily remove it with solvents like acetone, paint thinner and other stuff.

The methods that are mentioned above can be used and thus you can remove the spray paint of your mirror easily. So you can be relaxed and take a look at your beautiful face in the mirror. 

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