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How To Get Chapstick Stains Out Of Clothes? Is it Possible?

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Chapstick, a unisex, on the go product for everyone. So, we put it in the pocket, often forget about it and in one unfortunate, hot summer day it melts down in the pocket. Alas! our favorite cloth. A nightmare right?

But let me tell you that a melted chapstick can cost us even more. And that is the extra minutes and energy that we will be putting while sobbing and washing it off. Are you afraid already?

Don’t worry. We already have solution for this and with us your chapstcik stain removal journey is easy peasy lemon sqeezy!

Before knowing how to get chapstick out of clothes, ask me what is it made of? Because 70% of your work gets easier when you know the key ingredients of something and that’s how you can treat them well.

So, chapstick is basically oil-based, waxy (sometimes tinted) lipbalm. It is commonly made of camphor, beewax, menthol, petrolatum and with some other variations of vitamin.

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, let me share two of the easiest methods to squeeze out that chunking chapstick stain.

Before You Start The Treatment

Remember to test any cleaning product or detergent in an edge or an uncommon section of the cloth first to determine whether it is working properly or not. Stop using that method right away if you notice any discoloration on the fabric.

You should be aware that older stains will be difficult to remove, and you may need to repeat the cleaning process at least twice before you achieve the desired results.

For a variety of reasons, the ChapStick may melt. You might leave it in a hot area of the house if you forget it in your pocket. Alternatively, the heat from your body could cause the ChapStick to melt.

It's not easy to get rid of lip balm stains, but it's possible. Now that you've mastered the fundamentals, it's time to get cleaning.

How to remove chapstick stains on Plain Clothes

For this method you will be needing the following materials

  • Dull knife/spoon
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Medium size bowl for soaking
  • Heavy-duty detergent powder/ enzyme-based stain remover/ Un-Du adhesive
  • Oxygen-based bleach (Not Necessary)

If you have all these things already, let’s free your clothes from the ugly clutch of chapstick stain with simple 3 steps:

1. Scrape Off the Residue:

Look for the problem area(s). Find if there is any sticky waxy residue. Keep it in the freezer for a while. Let the wax sit. Grab the spoon/knife and gently scrape it off so that it doesn’t seep into the fabric.

Caution: Don’t overdo it or rub it roughly. Because you may end up tearing the favorite dress you are trying to save.

2.  Treat with remover:

Take any enzyme-based stain remover or the un-do candle remover you have handy. If you don’t have any then take a spoonful of heavy duty laundry detergent such as persil/ tide.

Put it on the problem area and brush for a good 20 minute. Let the adhesive/detergent/ stain remover sit and work on the fibers. After that, soak the fabric in the water of the bowl.

3. Wash and Check:

Check the condition of the stain. If it remains you can use bleach in a minimal portion (you will find the bleaching guide on the care tag of the cloth). And repeat the same procedure.

Caution: With bleach, you need to be extra careful. Because beaching agents sometime cause discoloration.

how to get chapstick out of clothes

How to remove tinted chapstick stains

Now for the tinted chapsticks you may have to follow a slightly different method. Because oil makes the stain stubborn and tint makes it more uncouth. So, for this you will be needing the following things extra:

  • Brown paper bag
  • Iron machine

Now Let's Start the Process.

1. Scrapping:

The beginning part is the same as before where you have to find if there is any sticky waxy residue. Keep it in the freezer for a while. Let the wax sit. Grab the spoon/knife and gently scrape it off so that it doesn’t seep into the fabric.

Don’t forget about the caution we talk about early.

2. Paper Trick:

What you need to do is, tear a brown paper bag and turn it into two sheets of paper. Place one portion of the paper on your ironing board. Put the stained fabric on top of it and place the other portion of the paper.

3. Do Some Iron:

Plug in your iron, give it some time to heat up. And then move it onto the paper fairly frequently until every last bit of wax comes out.

Caution: Be aware of the heat of iron. You definitely don’t want to burn the cloth even if it’s stained. (smirk)

4. Wash and Dry:

Once you ensure zero traces of wax residue. Take a liquid detergent or whatever cleaning material is handy. Put it onto the stained surface, rub it, deep it into the water. And air dry.

bonus tips on how to get chapstick out of clothes

  • Always wear gloves while washing.
  • Don’t forget to read the care tag of the cloth. If there is a washing guidance, follow it by words.
  • Air drying is always better than dry washing.
  • For bleach, always choose an oxygen-based one. It’s less harmful for the fabric. But if you are dealing with a white fabric the you can grab a chlorine-based bleach. And to know the amount read the instruction tag.
  • Don’t use dryer for the oil-based stain. It will cause spread of the stain. Use dryer only when you ensured stain removal completely.
  • If you are confused about the water temperature than again go to the tag. See if there is any specified permissible degree. If yes, follow it. If no, then always opt for lukewarm water. By this I mean not too hot or cold. You can soak your hand, feel the heat but won’t burn it. That’s the temperature you need.
  • Final Note

    Hoping that it answers your queries and helps you in winning the battle against that ugly chapstick stain. And remember that you shouldn’t procrastinate in washing the stain. The more you linger, the more stubborn the stain gets.

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