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How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move – 9 Smart Tips

Having neighbors might be very helpful. Neighbors are those people who help you in different circumstances. But when your neighbor is bad things can get upside down. Your bad neighbor can make you feel anxious and annoyed. Do you have a neighbor who has made your life chaotic?

 Are you really annoyed with your neighbor? Are you looking for ways how to get bad neighbors to move? Then you have come exactly to the right place. Here you will get to know about the ways how you can get rid of your bad neighbor or can make them move to another place.

How do you know that you have a Bad Neighbor?

Before going further let’s just know what makes someone a bad neighbor. There are several traits that make someone a bad neighbor. There was a survey in 2018 which included 1000 Americans which tells that there are three traits of a bad neighbor. If you can figure out one of them then you have a bad neighbor.

Those three traits are basically unfaithful, noisy, and disrespectful. If you notice any of these three signs in your neighborhood then you get to know that you have a bad neighbor and you need to take steps to get rid of them or make them move to another place.

9 Ideas For How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move

1. Complain to the landlord

The first thing you can do is to complain to your landlord about your bad neighbor. You need to tell the problems they are causing directly to the landlord. If you have their phone number you need to immediately call them and tell them the issue or just meet them and tell them the bad situation you are going through.

In this case, there are two possibilities. The landlord may listen to your problems and help you to solve them. Or they might neglect them. If your landlord won’t agree to help you then you might need to exaggerate the problems you are facing a little bit. Otherwise, you might not convince them to help you.

If your apartment neighbors are causing the problems and you have a question in mind that how to make your apartment neighbors move then this is the best solution for you.

2. Try to be nosy

Being nosy means making the environment feel unwelcoming. No one will feel like living in a place where they don’t get any breathing space. Just interfere in everything they do. Make them feel like you are interfering in their lives.

Whenever they are coming home from work just start a conversation and make it as lengthy as you can. No human likes to have a long talk when they are tired. Just ask them about their personal life and also try to interfere in that also.

As human beings, we need our personal space and we don’t feel comfortable sharing it with everyone. This can easily make your neighbor annoyed. And they might move on to another place.

3. Organize some loud activities

You can take this step when you find that your neighbor is being loud or noisy without any reason. Its called tit for tat. Try to annoy your neighbor with those loud noises. If you can annoy them with loud noises they might move on to another place.

But make sure not to get into legal trouble or else you might end up in problems. So don’t play loud music all night. By doing this you might end up causing problems to others while they are sleeping. Your only goal should be to annoy your neighbor as much as you can.

4. Report your bad neighbor to the HOA

You can report about your neighbor to the homeowners association or HOA if your landlord doesn’t help you to get rid of your problem. Every community has a homeowners’ association. This is the place where you or your neighbors can report about anyone who has frequently broken community or neighborhood rules and regulations.

Parking on lawns, overnight parking on the street, failure to maintain landscaping, and involvement in any criminal acts are examples of such restrictions. In this scenario, reporting a nasty neighbor to the HOA will make it simpler to get that bad neighbor evicted. You only need to document the rule violations, and the HOA will fine the owner.

5. Expose any shameful thing they do

This might be ugly to do but sometimes you need to do some ugly stuff to get rid of bad people. If you find that your neighbor is involved with some kind of stuff that is shameful to them, their family, and friends, then you can expose those things to get rid of your bad neighbor.

This thing can make them feel embarrassed and it will make them move to another place. Especially when they have done something which is very shameful and it might cause them to move to another place to save their dignity.

6. Order food at their address

It might seem like playing dirty with people but sometimes you need to let people taste their own medicine. Sometimes you need to pay back a bad neighbor. Just go to any application which has the service of food delivery and give the address of your neighbor in that and just order food.

Don’t forget to choose the cash-on-delivery method. When the food will arrived and your neighbor will be pissed off with the fact that they have to pay without ordering the food. This can make them feel irritated and annoyed. And they might move on to another place.

7. Consistently call the police

After going to the landlord and HOA if you see that it’s not working then you can call the police to move your neighbors. This is the best method if your neighbor is doing things that are illegal.

Calling the police might be the easiest way to get rid of bad neighbors but it should be your last choice. Especially when you are calling them for a low-level offense like loud noise. They might ask you things like “Have you tried to talk with them?” You need to just stick to your words and make the police do the rest.

8. Doorbell ditch

Do you have mischievous kids in your area who ring the doorbell and flee? Or perhaps it’s time to be a bad kid for a change. This will not only satisfy you, but you will also enjoy the entire scene. All you have to do is ring the bell a few times and then vanish.

Repeat when your neighbor shuts the door until you’ve had enough for the day. However, exercise caution and avoid being entangled in the process.

9. Be openly hostile

Being openly hostile is another way to annoy your neighbor. Just make your dog bark when they see your bad neighbors. Drain their pool water at night.

Put creepy posters in their windows. Throw tennis balls to their wall. These things particularly annoy your bad neighbors. And they will feel uncomfortable to stay at your surrounding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should I tell my neighbor politely to be quiet?

Answer: Yes, this is the first approach you should take. Because, even if your neighbor is a nice person, you start the dispute without asking to be quiet. You can explain your difficulties to them, such as if you have work due today or something else.

2. How to deal with a psycho neighbor?

Answer: Literally, if you have terrible luck, you will have to deal with a psycho neighbor. That could be bad for you if you do anything stupid with him to exact your vengeance. It is preferable to gather evidence against him and prove he is a psychopath.

Final Words

Having bad neighbors can take away peace from your life. It can also make your mental state miserable. So getting rid of them or making them move on is a must. Thus you will have a peaceful life and will be able to enjoy your surroundings.

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