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How to Defrost the Refrigerator?

When buying a refrigerator and/or freezer, one of the basic things we should consider is what freezing system we want to have: whether Frost or not Frost.

The basic difference is that conventional or Frost freezers produce frost, which forces us to have to defrost the appliance once or twice a year and, on the other hand, non-Frost refrigerators do not produce ice on their walls, so we save the job of defrosting.

The reason why some produce frost and others are not found in the technology they use. The non-Frost freezer has a ventilation and evaporation device that eliminates the fumes produced by food and when opening the door.

It reduces humidity so it prevents the formation of odors and especially the production of ice or frost that sticks to the walls and food.

In the traditional or Frost system, the freezer’s wet cold generates drops of water that freeze and therefore produce frost.

Nowadays most of the refrigerators usually go with a freezer, not Frost because it is more comfortable not having to defrost it. However, it dries more food by removing moisture, so we can prefer the traditional system.

How to Defrost the Refrigerator

If we have a Frost freezer, either because we have purchased it that way or our refrigerator already has time, we must follow a series of defrosting guidelines to keep our appliance in good condition.

Defrost the Freezer Twice a Year

It is recommended to defrost the refrigerator when we observe that the walls accumulate more than 2 millimeters of ice. This is done because the more ice the freezer accumulates on the walls, the more energy it spends and the less efficient it is. In addition, we will help the engine to function properly with less effort and expense and that our food is better preserved.

Consume Food

When defrosting our freezer, first we have to consume all the food that is inside or find a suitable place with the same temperatures so that they do not lose the cold chain and spoil.

Disconnect Freezer from Power

Once this is done, the freezer must be disconnected from the light and the ice will melt on its own.

Defrost Completely

You can speed up the process with small tricks like putting hot water containers in the freezer. Never use a knife to scratch the ice or any utensil that can scratch the walls of the freezer.

Remove the Water Carefully

When the ice is completely defrosted, we will simply have to remove the water with an absorbent cloth and take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the entire freezer, as well as disinfect it from possible harmful bacteria, mold caused by moisture or bad odors.

Wait 15 minutes and … Ready!

After cleaning, wait about 15 minutes to reconnect the freezer to the light and put the food back inside.

By the way, if you do not want so much frost or ice to accumulate in the freezer that forces you to defrost it more times than necessary, watch some aspects such as not leaving the freezer door open for a long time. The less time it is open, the less frost it generates.

Hit the Choice of your New Refrigerator

Now you know how to defrost the refrigerator if you don’t have a No Frost system. In case you want to renew your appliance, think if you want it to have this technology, the size you will need, the energy efficiency class and what your preferences are when buying a refrigerator.

With all this clear information you will be freer in decision making and you will be right in the election.

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