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How to Clean Your Appliances – This Tips Will Help You

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Do you have dirt in your appliances and do not know how to clean it? Do not know how to remove the smell that occurs in your refrigerator? Do not miss the post where we will give you the best tips for how to clean your appliances.

Tips to Clean your Appliances

Improve the Appearance of Pots and Pans

Remove all the dirt that has stainless steel and then cover the entire surface with flour. Then take a cloth and start polishing the area with the help of the flour until the piece is completely shiny​​​​

The Use Of Sparkling Water

Fill a spray can with mineral water with gas and spray the contents on the surface you want to clean. You will recover the brightness of all your kitchen appliances.

Dishwasher and Baby Oils

The soap we use to wash the dishwasher is ideal for cleaning dirt and fingerprints of your stainless steel appliances. Use baby oil to improve results following the direction of the grain for best results.

How Do We Get To The Most Difficult Corners Of Our Fridge?

Dirt can be removed with a cloth impregnated with vinegar or with a cotton swab. Move the fridge and remove dust from the back, it will make your fridge consume less energy.

Remove Bad Odors From your Fridge

For the bad odors of the refrigerator, it is advisable to place a pot of boiling milk inside the fridge or you can also put a glass of ground coffee inside the fridge in the spotlight of the bad smell. This will absorb bad odors.

How Can We Get To Clean The Most Difficult Corners Of Our Oven?

In this case, we find two tracks that are perfect for cleaning our oven. They are:

  • To remove grease from the walls and glass, we must make a paste of water, baking soda, and salt. We spread it in the parts that we want to clean and that are dirty, we let the paste work overnight, the next day we remove it and clean the rest with soap and water.
  • Another way to clean the oven is with potato chips. When you peel potatoes do not throw away the remains, put them in the oven, turn them on for a few minutes and the vapors released by the coins will make all soot remains disappear.

Clean the Television Screen

We use lemon juice by rubbing with a cloth, this is good for the glass to repel the dust that can adhere. Here you can find a list of different tricks to clean your TV.

Coca-Cola to Clean the Pipes

For those more complicated pipes, try pouring one or two cans of Coca-Cola and wait 5-10 minutes. After this time you will see how the expected results appear.

Remove Lime from the Washing Machine with Hot Water and Vinegar

We will only have to schedule a wash without clothes with hot water to which we will add half a liter of vinegar. This will disappear those fences of lime so unpleasant and avoid breakdowns in our washing machine.


To take care of the sole of the iron and protect it against scratches. Rub the warm sole with candle wax and then polish it with a wool cloth.

Coffee Maker

After a period of use, the plastic and porcelain of the coffee maker take another tone different from the first one just bought, which looks very bad due to the acid in the coffee. To remove these spots, it is recommended that one or two tablets be used to wash dentures or dental boxes in the jar and fill it with hot water. After an hour, rinse it with warm water.

How to Perfume your House with the Vacuum Cleaner?

Impregnate 5 cologne or aroma wipes that you want and insert them inside the vacuum bag. Dial it and vacuum normally. The advantage of this trick is that it leaves a fresh scent while you vacuum.

Clean and Flavor the Microwave with Water and Lemon

It can be done in two ways, squeezing the lemon or cutting it in half. In either of the two ways, we put the lemon in a bowl with about 300 ml of water that we introduce in the microwave. You can even add a sprig of parsley or a little baking soda.

We put it at full power for about 5 minutes until we see that the glass is fogged. This steam manages to penetrate, eliminate and get a good aroma in our microwave.We recently made a post with the best tricks to clean the microwave.

Recover the Nonstick Bottom of a Pan

Place the broken pan over the game and cover it with fat salt. When the salt begins to have a yellow hue, we remove it from the heat and with the help of kitchen paper, we gradually remove all the salt from the bottom of the pan. When it is cold, it can be washed normally.

Return the Brightness to the Appliances

If you have stainless steel appliances at home that have lost their shine, do not despair because you can still make them shine. Pour a stream of pure gin into a glass of water and mix it. Then, take a cotton cloth and spread the mixture well through all the appliances.

Clean the Hob with Vinegar and Bicarbonate

With this advice, you will be able to eliminate all the fat from your ceramic hob. Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda and vinegar. After making a paste with the bicarbonate and vinegar, we apply it on the hob with a paper napkin. If the dirt persists, you can gently pass a scraper. Then we will pass the mixture with the napkin until all the dirt is removed.

Clean the Freezer

When the freezer does not have ice, we clean the inside with a soft paste of baking soda and water. We moisten and dry with clean cloth. Soda absorbs persistent odors and eliminates food waste. If necessary, wash the freezer shelves or drawers in warm soapy water. You can also follow this post about Freezer Tricks to get the simple methods to clean your Freeze.

How to Remove Mold from the Washing Machine in a Natural Way?

It is possible to remove mold from the washer completely in a natural way, without the need to resort to the use of chemicals. You will only need water, lemon, and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix in a 60 ml container of lemon juice, 3 liters of water and 200 ml of hydrogen peroxide.

Pour the mixture into a spray can so you can spray the preparation.

Spray the mixture on the mold.

Let the product act on the mold to disintegrate it.

After a few minutes, review the area with a dry cloth with which you must remove the mold accumulated in the washing machine and dry the affected surface.

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