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How Long Does It Take Paint to Dry? [Update 2022]

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Do you know the color of your home can affect your mood greatly? Also it is said that home is where heart lives.

If so, then it should be the place that needs the utmost care and maintenance. And one of the easiest ways to give your worn out home a new look is painting it with your favorite color.

But before you go and slather your walls with different coats of color, let’s know the basics of when you should recoat to have the sheen you want or how long does it take paint to dry, so that you know when is the ultimate time to hang the decor you like.

Since the drying duration of paint partly depends on the type, you should enquire about the paint type first.

Basically, there are two types of paint in the market: 1) oil-based & 2) latex or water based.

Oil based paint, also known as alkyd or solvent based paint is more likely to be suited if you want perfect sheen. As it has no water in it, it takes more time to dry out.

Latex or water based paint, on the other hand, dries faster as it is less pigmented. And the water in it vaporizes in contiguity of sunlight.

The following chart will help you to determine the drying and recoat time of both the paint types.

Paint type

Tack free touch

Re-coat time

Oil based/ Alkyd/ Solvent Based

6- 8 hours

After 24 hours

Latex/ water Based

1 hour

After 4 hours

Always Remember

  • To read the manual that comes with the paint.
  • The glossier the paint, the more time it takes to dry.
  • Now that you know that paint type is partially responsible for drying time, so let me bring out the other factors that help in hasten the paint drying process:

    climate plays any part in the paint drying process?

    The straight answer is yes. Climate plays a significant role in paint drying time. Humidity in the air, hot and coldness of the weather greatly manipulates the time schedule.

    So be very cautious about calculating the weather updates when you are planning to get a DIY paint job for your exterior or interior of the house. Here I have provided an estimated temperature chart so that you can calculate it easily:

    Design Type

    Estimated Temparature

    Oil based/ Alkyd/ Solvent Based

    Above 50 to under 90 degrees

    Latex/ Water Based

    Around 70-75 degrees


  • Do not start painting in the rain even if it’s interior.
  • Also always try to be in the middle of temperature range.

  • any applying method to follow to optimize the process?

    Well, the answer is again yes. The things you can keep in mind while painting are

    • Use a paint roller instead of paint brush. Because brush will give you a thicker consistency. And it’s not only unsuitable for drying but also you may end up having a sloppy, dripping finishing.
    • Stir often so that the paint gets to mix easily.
    • Start by thin coat. And recoat once the first coat is dry.
    • For the edges use quality, use best paint edgers.
    how long does it take paint to dry

    care about the ventilation of the room?

    Obviously, you must if it’s an interior project. But do not start the fan while painting since there is a good chance of the paint in the can to dry. Once you are done with the job, turn on the fan and open the doors of the room. It will also help in prevent paint fumes.

    Common FAQ

    The followings are the most frequently asked questions related to this topic. Just have a look if you want to know more:

    1. How many days it takes paint to cure?

    Again it depends on the paint type. Typically for oil-based paint it takes 30 days and for latex it’s not less than 7 days. Do not place any furniture or decorum until it’s fully cured.

    2. How long I should wait in between coats?

    Mostly 4 hours for latex and 24 hours for alkyd paint.

    3. Should I paint in dense humidity?

    A big NO. It will not only impede the drying process but also hampers the quality of the paint.

    4. What shall I use to manipulate oil-based paint to dry faster?

    As oil-based paint oxidizes, so to fasten the process you can add siccative (an oil-drying agent that contains linseed oil and alkyd resin) in the paint.

    Final Note

    I guess I could help you enough to pacify all your queries regarding how long does it take paint to dry. If you have anything else to know or share please leave a comment down below.

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