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DIY Lamps | Guide With The Best Ideas

Surely you have at home a lot of junk that you no longer use and do not know what to do with them. Today we give you the perfect idea to use that pot you do not use, you can create your own DIY lamps with those junk that you think are useless, but deep down you can give it great use.

If you like DIY, you will surely love to reuse an object in disuse, and if you have not yet discovered if you like it or not, we encourage you to make your first steps in the world of DIY, you will know the satisfaction of Create with your own hands. Create and recycle.

Today we bring you several ideas on how to make your own lamps and surprise all your guests. The budget you will use in this type of DIY lamp will be minimal since almost all materials will be recycled.

DIY Lamp Best Ideas

DIY lamps with Glass Jars

The glass jars are usually the perfect support to make yourself a DIY lamp, either ceiling or table. You have to drill the metal lid with the help of a drill, or if you do not have one of these handy, you can make the hole with a punch with a tool with a fine point.

You can leave the glass jar as it is when you use it or you can let your imagination fly and get special paints to paint glass.

Lamps with Refreshing Rings

Save the rings of the soda cans, when you already have a significant amount let your imagination fly and make a design to your liking, you can make around, or semicircular, also a square lamp, that we leave it to your liking. It is a very creative way to recycle and you will surprise your visitors when they see your lamp. To make it easier to manipulate the rings when working with them and shape them we recommend you use pliers, take a look.

Lamps with Aluminum Cans

This is one of the simplest and most economical DIY lamps to make, who doesn’t have a can at home? You just have to choose a can of canned food that you have at home and remove the labeling. Then sand very well the end where you have opened it with the help of black sandpaper of water. This will help us avoid cutting ourselves with sharp ends. With the help of a drill or a nail that serves as a punch, make the holes in the can creating the drawings and borders that you like the most. Sand can wall inside and out and paint it as you like.

These types of lamps are ideal for decorating the garden. You can light them with led lights or candles. A good idea is to light it with citronella candles, as well as they look beautiful, they also fight mosquitoes

Lamps with Bottles

For this type of DIY lamps you need several glass bottles, they can be of any liquor, they can be all the same or mix several models of bottles if you want to create a composition with different designs. To add a contemporary touch choose LED filament bulbs and you will be the king of the design. To make the work more enjoyable we recommend that you get a glass cutter.


Wood Lamps

It is a very simple proposal, it is only necessary a piece of wood as apply, it cannot be easier. You only need a wooden wall where you can screw the cable of our DIY lamp. Another option is to create your own wooden stand to create a more natural style. To give an even more rustic touch bundle the cable with a string.


Lamps with Copper Pipes

More than a measure to save space is a tip to avoid that, in case something spills or gets dirty, you have to disassemble or take everything out of the fridge to clean it. Put a film or aluminum foil under the trays and shelves to avoid dirt, and when it is dirty, you change it and you’re done.

Tools You Will Need

The tools you will need to make one of these DIY lamps yourself are the following:

  • A socket, cable, and a plug, hammer, screwdriver, an LED bulb.  The latter is especially important since not only will we save on our electricity bill but we will pollute less.
  • If you are a person who is used to working with electrical appliances you can make the lamp holder cable with the loose elements that we told you before. It is not a complicated process, but some cables must be spliced.  Here are some materials that can be useful to make your DIY lamps. And if you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to assist you.

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