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Consider Yourself the King of the Kitchen with These Freezer Tricks

The freezer can be a great ally of our day to day if we know what the tricks are for the freezer and its uses.

In most homes, the freezer eventually becomes, or ice storage or a place where only leftovers live in stacked toppers covered with frost.

Keeping food cold is the best way to extend the life of our food and today we want to give you the keys to make the most of your freezer.


Ideally, the freezer is approximate -18ºC or less. The lower the temperature, the better the preservation of food, and therefore, the lower the risk of proliferation of microorganisms.


It is best to use airtight containers or plastic bags with the least possible air inside the bag. Excessive oxygen can cause the food inside the bag to deteriorate.

Freezing Space

It is recommended to leave at least two centimeters between the food and the lid of the container where we store it for freezing.


Knowing what we have in each container and knowing how long it has been frozen is essential for the correct use of the appliance. It is easier to identify what foods are going to be put in poor condition before if we have them in our freezer computer.

Freeze by Portions

The size of what we freeze will more or less affect the time of freezing and thawing. The smaller it is, the better and faster it will freeze and thaw.

Never Hot

Another trick for the freezer is that it is not advisable to freeze foods that are still hot. If so, we alter the temperature inside the freezer and that can affect other foods we have in the freezer.

Avoid Freezing

This process not only decreases the nutritional quality of food but also favors the appearance of microorganisms.

Vacuum Packaging Food

If you usually do it, don’t rush to the fullest. Water increases in size when frozen, and at least it must have a margin to expand. Therefore, it is not advisable to freeze liquids in glass jars or overfill the containers with liquids.

Vacuum packaging food


Carrying a rotation and being aware of what we have in reserve is essential. It is important to write down the date on which we begin to freeze the product and know what we are freezing to know the estimated time that can last frozen, without any problems.

How Should We Freeze our Food?

It is essential to know how we should freeze the food that we will then consume. Not everyone has the same properties or reacts the same to cold.

First of all, we must remember that it is essential that we do not miss the cold chain. The food we already bought frozen, should spend as little time as possible at room temperature if your idea is to freeze it again.

Follow These 5 Steps and You will see how your Food Lasts Longer and Stays Better

  • Store different types of food in different bags or containers. Give them an identification card.
  • You should freeze food depending on the type of food, since not all freeze in the same way. To freeze the meat must be cleaned properly, without any skin remaining, etc. For the vegetable, it is not convenient to freeze them if we buy them fresh but still if we want to do it, we must clean them and scald them to eliminate the bacteria they may contain. And regarding fish, it is essential to clean it very well before freezing it.
  • Some of the foods do not accept freezing. These foods are: Fried food, cakes, and egg-based sauces. Milk and its derivatives are not indicated for freezing. The fruits also do not freeze very well but can be peeled and covered with syrup to freeze them.
  • We must avoid freezing and defrosting the same food several times.
  • The most recommended containers for food packaging are plastic.

Don’t you know How to Properly Defrost your Food?

The rush is not good, let alone if we refer to our food. Thawing food in a healthy way is essential for them to continue maintaining their priorities and to avoid possible diseases.

There are three different main ways to defrost our food:

  • In The Refrigerator: To maintain the quality of food, the ideal is to defrost them in the lower part of the refrigerator. This method has the disadvantage that it is slow, it would take about 24 hours for the food to be completely defrosted, especially when it comes to large pieces. We should never defrost food at room temperature or in hot water since the risk of contamination is greater.
  • In The Microwave: It has the advantage that it is the fastest way to defrost food, but the drawback is that with this method, the ends of the food can be cooked. To avoid this, we must cut the food into small pieces (if possible) or turn the piece as it defrosts.
  • With Cold Water: To defrost food with this method, the food must be wrapped or tightly packed so that the water does not come into direct contact with them. You must immerse the food tightly closed in cold water and change the water from time to time to accelerate the defrosting process.

You already know the different tricks to freeze your food and keep them in the best possible state. But do not forget, that not only are these freezer tricks worth, but it is also necessary that our appliances are clean.

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