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Can You Use Shampoo as Body Wash?

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Can you use shampoo as body wash? What happens if you use shampoo as your body wash? Or Will it be harmful if you use shampoo on the skin? Well, at some point of your life you might have asked these questions to yourselves.

So speculating you have queries regarding the usage of shampoo and body wash, I am here to provide astute answers for all of these questions. Trust me! I know it enough to guide you through.

First of all, let’s compare and contrast the ingredients of both shampoo and body wash. So that you can get an insight of whether you can use shampoo instead of body wash or if you can’t then why you can’t.


Soaps that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphates are healthier for your skin. Organic and high-quality laboratory products are used to make the best soaps.

They are made with essential oils and do not contain any synthetic fragrances. Soaps are useful because of their small size and portability.

Soap Image

Shower Oil:

Lavender, ginger, rosemary, and a variety of other scents can be mixed into shower oils. Step into the shower after applying the oil all over your body. When the oil comes into contact with water, it takes on a milky texture.

Shower oil has a soothing effect and offers many skin benefits. People use these oils to treat bacterial and viral infections, deep cleaning, itching, and other ailments.

Charcoal Soap:

Dirt, oil, and debris are drawn out of your skin by activated charcoal. It is more expensive than soap because of these added benefits.

People frequently use charcoal soap to treat acne and oily skin. If you have acne or other skin blemishes, it's worth a shot.

Charcoal Soap

Shower Gel:

Shower gels have a firm texture, whereas body wash has a liquid soap-like texture. Another feature that distinguishes the latter is their stronger odor. 

Shower gel is a better choice if you live in a dry climate. Keep an eye on the ingredients, though. Choose a sulphate-free product if at all possible.


This is your chance to be a little luxurious. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in a tub full of milk, and you can get the same glowing skin by taking a soothing milk bath. However, don't use as much milk as Cleopatra did – she was a pharaoh, after all.

You'll need about 2-4 cups of milk and a tub full of warm water to get started. Soak in the milk bath for 20-30 minutes, relax, and let your skin be rejuvenated and softened.


Shampoo vs body wash: Similarities

Since both of these products are made for cleaning purpose, it is obvious that it will have some kind of similarities. So the following is a list of similarities between shampoo and body wash:

  • One of the major similar ingredients you will find in both the products are the presence of SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and SLS (sodium loryl sulfate). Basically, these surfactants are used for the suds effect. But recent researches, found that un-proportionate presence of these two can be really harmful for both of your scalp and skin.
  • Both of these products use conditioning agents to subsidize the abrasiveness of cleaning materials.
  • And finally both have added fragrance and color for giving you that amazing tinge of refreshment.
Shampoo Vs Body Wash Similarities

Shampoo vs body wash: Differences

Now the biggest revelation time. So the differences between the following ingredients are basically the reasons why you shouldn’t use shampoo and body wash interchangeably.

  • To keep your hair cuticles smooth, shampoo is made slightly acidic. And in actuality, any kind of acids are not good for your skin. It not only causes dryness to your skin but also you may feel itchy after a while.
  • According to Daily Mail UK, shampoo is rather more similar to detergent than body wash. It can be used as kitchen tools. And sometime it is used to wash clothes made of wool. So you can decide, if you will be comfortable washing your skin with a dish-washer or detergent! No, right?
  • Shampoo is more soapy than body wash. The word soapy seems unknown to you, just brace yourself and let me clear this through. So by soapy, I meant the sliminess of shampoo.
  • The hair follicles are different from the skin cells in general. Therefore, for the dry, damp and split ends treatment the manufacturer uses chemicals in shampoo that you seldom want to put on your skin.

can you use shampoo as body wash?

The answer is NO. After all these products have been made separately for a reason. Right? But if you are really looking for a substitute of body wash then opt for a mild bar of soap

Here again, be careful about choosing it. You should not just pick one and slather yourself. Rather find the ingredients and check whether it contains any abrasive, if it does than what’s the proportion of it.

The better option is natural soaps made of carrier oils. It will cleanse and moisturize at the same time. So you won’t have to use lotion separately.

There are some other most frequently asked questions I have listed for you so that you can get optimal information from here:

can you use shampoo as body wash

Can you use conditioner as body wash?

Shampoo and conditioner are like first cousin of each other. So when it is advisable not to use shampoo on your body, how can conditioner be used?

I guess you know that the basic requisite of using conditioner is not to use it on the scalp. However, if you want to use conditioner as a body wash you may find it slimy and much harder to rinse off.

Are two in one shampoo good for skin?

Even a few years back, we really didn’t have separate products for different usage. We would just take a bar of soap and slather it onto body and hair irrespective. 

But time changes, so does chemistry. And there is a good reason that all these products are being made differently. Suppose you have oily scalp and dry skin condition.

So you need some oil washed out of the scalp and lock the moisture of the skin. Is it possible for a single product to act completely opposite in such a case? No, right? See, you know the answer already.

Can You Use Conditioner As Body Wash

Can you use shampoo as bubble bath?

If you want only suds, then answer is yes. But with the bubble bath you will want to take care of your skin too. And for the skin care part you got the answer already that shampoo is somehow harmful for the skin.

Final Note

At last, if you are in a tight financial situation and want a cost friendly solution then choose natural bar of soap over body wash. And don’t forget to leave a comment for further inquiries or suggestions. Good luck.

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