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Can A Landlord Tell You How Clean To Keep Your House?

Can a landlord tell you how clean to keep your house? Tenants often have a question in their mind if their landlord can tell them how to clean their house. Most people rent a house or apartment to live in because they can’t afford to buy one. So it’s the duty of the tenants to keep their houses clean.

If you are a landlord then you must know whether or not you can tell the tenants to clean their house. In this article, both landlord and tenant will get to know the answer to this question in brief.

Signs of a messy house

Before moving further you should know what are the signs of a messy house. The signs are:

  • Clutter and Garbage
  • Pet mess
  • Mold on bathroom walls
  • Waste that has been left out for more than a week or garbage that has been left in inappropriate locations such as stairwells and fire entrances
  • A pile of garbage attracts rodents and pest infestations.
  • Bad smells coming from the house
  • Blocked drains
  • Toxic chemicals near the house
  • Blocked air circulation
  • Dirty dishes and rotten foods
  • Grease and soot on the sidewalls due to improper cooking equipment use

Rights that landlords have when it comes to messes

The most common right a landlord have when it comes to messes is to tell the tenants to keep their house clean. They can stop the tenants anytime they want and tell them to do so. They can remind the tenants of the tenant cleaning responsibilities. But they are not allowed to go inside the tenant’s house when they are not at home.

They will need to get a signed letter if they want to go into the house when the tenant isn’t at home. If a landlord notices that there is a mess in the tenant’s house then they can give them a timeframe to clean it up. But they can’t touch any of the things that belong to the tenant. The landlord can also tell the tenants to keep their house organized.

Steps you should follow to keep your house clean

Step 1: Hire a cleaning service

Cleaning services to clean your house

The easiest way to clean your house is to hire a cleaning service. In some situations, the landlords are allowed to hire a cleaning service at the expense of the tenants. And the clauses of the lease agreement give them the right to do so. Make sure to clear this thing with your landlord if you are okay with it or not.

If both parties agree on this thing then it’s the best thing to do because most people don’t have time to clean their house. This ensures proper and deep cleaning of the house.

Step 2: Declutter your house

As we mentioned before clutter is a sign of a messy house. It makes your house dirty and also can have a harmful effect on your health. The best you can do is to through away the things you don’t use normally. This will make your house easy to clean as there will be less mess.

Keep in mind that a cluttered house can get you evicted as this is a logical complaint of your landlord. Clutter is dangerous and also can attract rodents. This might also can be the reason for infestations and can lead to the termination of your contract with your landlord.

Step 3: Plan the cleaning chores

Planning before cleaning is one of the best ways to clean a house. Planning for cleaning saves a lot of time and makes the general cleaning of the house simple. If your family members live with you then you can assign different tasks to them and do the cleaning more efficiently.

The more people will take part in the cleaning the less time consuming and easier it will be to clean the house. This will ensure you have a well-maintained house.

Step 4: Clean as You Go

This is the practice you must have in case of cleaning your house everywhere you go. Especially for your house, you are leaving at it is need to have this practice. This will save your time and effort in case of normal cleaning of the house. This is known as a basic cleaning habit.

While cooking,  make sure that the spills are wiped down and also dishes are cleaned properly after that. Do not leave the dishes uncleaned with intention of cleaning them at the end of the day. Or else it will be harder to clean them as there will be lots of dishes at the end of the day.

Step 5: Use devices that will make your cleaning comfortable

Vaccuum cleaner to clean your house

Technology is getting advanced day by day. This helps to make our life easier. So make proper use of the technology in case of cleaning also. The vacuum cleaner is the best example when it comes to cleaning a house. There are several types of vacuum cleaners you might use to clean your house.

The most trending vacuum cleaner these days are robot vacuum cleaners. If you don’t have enough time to clean your house entirely then this vacuum cleaner is the proper solution. This will clean the house without any hesitation and it can be controlled by remote easily.

A dishwasher is also a useful device for cleaning the dishes. Also, the washing machine is very useful for cleaning your clothes. These help you to save the time that gets spent when you want to clean your dishes and clothes manually.

Step 6: Keep your things organized in storage areas

Organizing a storage area is another way to keep your house free from clutter. This will save your items from dust and will keep your house clean. Just keep in mind to return the items to their storage boxes after using them.

 Also, make sure that there is a proper ventilation system in the storage area. Or else it might be harmful to you at the time of emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What happens if you leave your residence in a state of disarray?

Answer: In most circumstances, if the apartment is deserted in such a bad state that it would cost the landlord more than the average turnaround cost (or the cost of cleaning the unit in preparation for the next tenant), it may be reasonable to deduct the deposit or keep the full deposit.

2. How clean should a tenant leave a house?

Answer: It is determined by the terms of the lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord. Some owners take on some of the cleaning duties themselves, while others delegate the task to the tenants. However, as a responsible tenant, you must keep your room clean. Even if the proprietor does not want it, set aside a few minutes each day to organize and keep your belongings.

 If you’re really busy at work and don’t have time to clean your house, you could hire someone to do it for you for a few dollars. When major repair is required, examine your lease contract to see if you or the owner are responsible for it. Read the “terms of usage” section carefully to avoid further disagreements with the owner.

3. Can you evict a tenant for not cleaning?

Answer: Yes. It’s not only about what your lease says if you’re a landlord; it’s also about where you live. Most restrictions dictating how clean or dirty your home can be are intended to safeguard public health and safety. As a result, it is illegal for landlords to ask for more than what they absolutely require, such as keeping the floors swept but not vacuumed. If smoke, mold, bugs, or vermin aren’t affecting the construction of the building or posing a real risk to neighbors or passers-by, they shouldn’t be a concern.

4. Is it possible for a landlord to hold you liable for damages to his property?

Answer: Yes, the landlord has the right to charge you for any damage you cause to his property. Many landlords insist on tenants having renter’s insurance so that they are not responsible for any harm caused by their tenants’ irresponsibility.

5. Before moving in, how clean should a rental house or unit be?

Answer: Before accepting any new tenants, landlords should make sure that the apartment or house has been thoroughly cleaned. Particularly in areas such as the tub, toilet, kitchen, and laundry. Even if there isn’t a visible infestation, make sure the space is exterminated before a tenant moves in.

6. Is it possible for a landlord to charge me if I don’t vacuum my carpet before leaving?

Answer: Yes, but only if your lease or rental agreement specifically states that you must do so! If not, let’s say the carpet has $300 worth of damage, and $300 is the cost of steam cleaning that type of carpet. However, if you can get it cleaned for $100, your landlord won’t be able to charge you anymore because they can’t charge you more than the real cost of repairs or replacement.

Final Words

If we do a summary of the article then we get a straight answer that a landlord can tell a tenant to keep their house clean. But there are some boundaries also that the landlord can’t cross. And also if you follow this article you will be able to keep your house clean. So that your landlord can’t irritate you by keep telling you to clean your house often.

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