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10 Best Nail Dryers of 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

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Seeing your nails with very bright colors that combine with your daily looks is something that really fascinates your and others. The problem is in the hustle and bustle, it is impossible to have beautiful nails if at the same time you have to prepare the snack for the little ones and pay some bills. Therefore, when you decided to buy a nail dryer and thus save time.

Since you knew almost nothing about them, we researched and discovered all the options we had. That's why we bring you a small list of what I think are the best nail dryers on the market.

Nail Dryers are necessary tools to dry your nails easily and quickly. Since the material is used to make this type of acrylic nails and gel nails can not be air-dried as traditional enamels do, but require more advanced drying with UV technology to achieve a professional finish.

If you want to wear beautiful nails in gel or acrylic, you should keep in mind that you cannot do it without this tool.

Ultraviolet lamps or nail dryers are devices that work with ultraviolet light to harden the UV gel used for nails, with this, they harden quickly giving really incredible results.

What is a LED Dry Nail Lamp For?

Folding the fingers and blowing the nails with frenzy is something that many of us have done, but we know that it does not give the results we want. This is why devices such as LED dry nail lamps are so useful. They allow us to save a lot of time in drying our nails after painting them and the result is much better.

How Does an LED Nail Dryer Work?

The mechanism used by LED nail dryers is precisely through LED lights. After researching, I discovered that LED and ultraviolet lights are able to fix any nail polish. Generally, nail dryers have timers. In them, you can set the amount of time you want to dry your nails, using the light energy.

Most Popular Types of Nail Polish and Brands

If there is something very important when it comes to nails it is the enamel. During our research, we realized that there are many types of nail polishes and various brands in the market.

What we didn't know is that the choice of enamel will have a lot to do with the type of nail dryer you need. So now we are going to tell you about the types of enamels that exist in the market for you to know:

1. Permanent Enamel

In our opinion, this is one of the best beauty inventions of all, since in addition to being an investment in time, using it could take several weeks.

This is a type of nail polish that is applied quickly and easily, as if it were a common enamel, with the difference that its durability reaches up to three weeks or until the nail grows.

It is applied normally, that is, after a traditional manicure or pedicure. But before applying it, it is necessary to open the pores of the nails with a superficial filing to apply the first, which is the liquid that makes the nail more adherent, and then place a couple of layers of the permanent enamel, which will be dried by applying a Drying lamp with LED light, to finish with a sealer.

Not all permanent enamels are of quality or have the same duration, these are two factors that will have a lot to do with the brand you decide to use.

The three best-known brands in the world of cosmetics, which do not weaken the natural nail, adhere perfectly and must be removed with a special product, to avoid damage.

2. Semi-Permanent Enamel

This is a product similar to the permanent enamel that we talked about, and although many people often confuse them, the truth is that they are two very different things.

To begin with, before applying the enamel semi-permanent is not used first, the product used for adhesion of the enamel.

This is a product that contains a different type of acrylic that provides durability and natural appearance to the nail, but it is not as durable as permanent enamel.

It is usually cheaper and can be removed using pure acetone.

The reason why they are so different is that while the first one melts completely with the nail, the second only acts as a common enamel that lasts longer.

Both treatments are often confused since they require an LED light lamp for drying and last much longer than a traditional manicure or pedicure.

3. Normal Enamel

This is the enamel we all know. It is the one that you can put on and take off whenever you want and at home, using simple nail polish remover that you can find even in the supermarket.

Its duration is not much, so a current technique is to use the base coat, then apply a couple of layers of normal enamel.

we also got during our research, that according to the brand, there are long-lasting ones, however, it is a product that according to its composition is manufactured to last only a few days longer than the traditional enamel we know.

There are common enamels of all kinds and brands, however the most famous are those of L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, Revlon, Sally Hansen, although many others can be found and the prices are very tempting.

4. Gel Polish

Gel enamels were a novelty in the market a little more than 3 years ago, although they already existed before, only it was not common to use them at home.

Today you can get them easily and they are a mixture between normal nail polish and gel.

They offer a manicure much more professional and durable than traditional and come in a wide range of colors that are worth looking at.

What makes them different is that they are applied normally at home, and although the consistency is a bit thicker, they do not require LED light for drying or professional removers.

The most famous brands are Sally Hansen, Revlon, L'Oreal Paris, and Covergirl, although there are almost all brands.

Find Editors Choice



MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp: It wasn’t an easy task for our team to pick out the top pick but after thorough scrutiny, our team chose MelodySusie Nail Dryer. It is an ideal combination of both performance and flexibility that easily fulfills the requirement for fascinating nail drying.

MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

Top 10 Nail Dryers At a Glance

Now that we know a little more about nail dryers and that you are determined to buy the best nail dryers model on the market, I want to help you again, but this time letting you know the best models that exist.

Here below we leave a comparative list with several of my favorite products, so that you choose the one you like, perform an analysis of its benefits, and visualize its pros and cons before making this great investment.

 Quick Look


Timer  (Seconds)

Check Out

MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp



NailStar NS-03-EU Nail Dryer

NailStar NS-03-EU


NailStar NS-02B _ EU Nail Dryer

NailStar NS-02B / EU 


Abody Nail Dryer

Abody Nail Dryer





LKE Nail Dryer Gel Nail Polish

LKE Nail Dryer


SUNUV SUN2C Nail Dryer

MelodySuise  UV Nail Lamp


SCCD UV Nail Lamp

SCCD Nail Lamp


Lumcrissy 64W Nail Dryer

Lumcrissy Gel Nail Dryer


Belle 48W UV LED Nail Lamp

Belle LED Nail Lamp


My Top Picks For Best Nail Dryers

Main Features :

  • 30 Dual LED UV beads
  • Three Timers (seconds) : 30/45/60
  • Portable and Compact Design
  • LED light with auto sensor system

Features Overview:

With compact and portable design the Melodysusie UV portable nail dryer is the best choice for home and travel.

Features Synopsis:

This is a powerful nail dryer which saves up to 50% times than other nail dryer . Which Users like this mini nail drying lamp with its compact and simple design.

They like that, it is small but powerful and it is easy to use with portable design. This handiness nail dryer is light weight and simple in design, you can carry it in your pocket.

As well as it has one button with built-in-one-timer which is very to setup. Aside the nail dryer, you will get a Welcome card, 100V-240V A/C adapter and a full usage Instructions that’s helpful for the nail art beginner.  

All over the features and facilities this melodysusie 6W nail dryer is a solid choice for your home use and next travel.

However, many users complained about its low voltage which takes too much time to cure the gel. Besides, it is small in size which didn’t fit the thumb. 


  • Small but quick drying
  • It creates low heat
  • Portable design
  • Easy to use


  • Low voltage
  • Doesn’t fit the thumb

Main Features :

  • LED with Ultraviolet Light
  • 24 Watt Power Supported
  • Comfortable LED Screen
  • Three Timers (seconds) : 30/60/90

Features Overview:

If you liked the previous product, surely the NailStar NS-03-EU will captivate you with its multiple functions. 

Features Synopsis:

This product also combines the LED light with the ultraviolet, which will serve you for many things. It can be used as a lamp for permanent nails. It is important to know that its power is 24 watts.

This product also has motion sensors that turn it on or off. If you are looking for precision, you may like this dryer to have a timer that works between 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

In addition, it is very comfortable that you have an LED screen. Finally, it has a removable base that facilitates cleaning and hygiene.

The negative point that we have been able to find in this dryer is that sometimes two dryings are necessary to be able to fix the nail polish, which can take a little time.

When you decided to buy a nail dryer, you do it thinking about the one that best suits you. If you want a complex dryer that has multiple options and facilities, the NailStar NS-03-EU is for you. To use it, you just have to put your hand and time.


  • Combine LED light with UV
  • It works by drying permanent nails
  • It has a detachable base


  • The drying process is slower than indicated
  • The power is not the highest

Main Features :

  • Two Colors: Black and White 
  • Built -In LED Lamp
  • 4x Faster Drying Speed
  • Three Timers (seconds) : 30/60/90

Features Overview:

It is always good to see products that have modernity as part of their main objective. We have seen all those features in the NailStar NS-02B / EU, and that's why it has become one of our favorites. 

Features Synopsis:

The first thing we love about this dryer is that it comes in two presentations, in black and white colors.

Like its predecessors, this product also offers its users a timer of 30, 60 and 90 seconds. If you are looking for an LED lamp that can dry all kinds of professional nail polishes, this can be done with this product. In addition, it dries four times faster compared to the other hybrid dryers between LED and UV.

The negative point that we could find this dryer is its power. Despite the modernity, this product has a power of 12 watts, which can affect the finish of the nails.

If you want a dryer that adapts to your personality and offers you a professional result and in a short time, the NailStar NS-02B / EU is for you, because it meets all those aesthetic and mechanical requirements.


  • Offers two presentations with different colors
  • It has a three-stroke timer
  • It is much faster than an ultraviolet dryer


  • Its power is 12 watts, low compared to others
  • Drying may take a little longer than indicated by the manufacturer

4. Abody Nail Dryer - Best Nail Starter Kit

Abody Nail Dryer

Main Features :

  • Made Of poly-carbonate Materials
  • Four Colors : White,Green,Pink,Blue
  • 24 Watt Power Supported
  • Portable Size and Weight

Features Overview:

Abody Nail Dryer is considered as one of the most compact Nail Dryers. It has got the popularity because of it's comfortable portability. 

Features Synopsis:

This model is very compact, with approximate measurements of 21 x 12 x 7.5 cm and made of poly-carbonate materials in pink, blue, white and green colors.

It is a nail dryer suitable for all types of gels, enamels, glue, and nails. It comes with 15 LED light beads that last 5 years and 24 W of power for 50% faster drying than other equipment.

It has a small size and a weight of just 430 gm. You can take it wherever you go, even in your bag, to do homework if you dedicate yourself to this branch of cosmetics, or to fix your nails regardless of your travel.


  • Its LED technology does not damage hands, eyes or skin, on the contrary, it protects them
  • It has an automatic on and off the sensor when entering hands or feet
  • Its built-in timer allows you to control the drying time
  • It is silent and does not heat, so you avoid burns
  • It comes with a one year warranty


  • Because of its compact size, you can only dry one hand or foot at a time

5. ELEHOT - UV Nail Lamp Dryer


Main Features :

  • Automated On and Off System
  • Comfortable LED Screen
  • 12 Watt White Bulb Technology
  • Three Timers (seconds) : 30/60/90

Features Overview:

We got our final product from ELEHOT Model Series. This Nail Dryer is quite digitalized than rest of the Nail Dryers we mentioned earlier. Let's go in more deep into it.

Features Synopsis:

To start, we want to tell you that this LED nail dryer also has ultraviolet light, which guarantees a more precise and direct finish. In addition, we can tell you that we really liked the flexibility of this dryer, because it can dry in four times of 10, 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

It has an efficient energy consumption and its power is the highest in the market, standing at 48 watts. However, a 24-watt low power mode can be used.

In addition, there is no risk of blackening at the finish of the enamel placed. What I liked most about this dryer is that it turns on just by putting your hand, and turns off after removing it.

The negative point that we could find this nail dryer is that after being used intensively, it usually gets too hot. Although there seems to be no risk for that, I may worry.

If you are looking for a dryer that is very effective, provide one of the best finishes and that you find comfortable, I ask you to consider the SUNUV SUN2C, because it meets all the above requirements.


  • Touch screen to select drying times, which makes it perfect for use with any type of gel
  • It has a sensor system that will help detect when you enter your hands, to turn on automatically
  • Its white light will prevent damage to your hands
  • Ideal for sensitive skin


  • It may take a long time to dry the gel
  • The cable is very short so it will bother the place of use
  • Ideal for home use, but not recommended for business

Main Features :

  • 40W with 21 Pieces LED lights
  • LCD Screen and Smart Power Sensor
  • Curved Housing & User Friendly Design
  • Three Timers (seconds) : 30/60/90

Features Overview:

The Sunuv UV nail Dryer is one of the best choice as your personal or professional saloon shop nail dryer with its high power and smart design.

Features Synopsis:

This nail dryer comes with many useful features that help you to dry your nail polish very easily. It has 40W-21 pcs nail lamps with high power sensor and LCD screen that will light automatically when you keep your hand. 

These soft lighting will dry UV gel, UV top coat, UV builder gel but it can’t dry regular gel quickly. Also it prevent browning your skin.

There is curved housing design which is eye protective. With these features and facilities, it is lightweight in smart design. That makes very easy to carry and clean.

Nevertheless, some users complain “it can’t dry the gel that no contain”. With all features and cons it has excellent ratings by its 6712 users. You can his Sunuv 40W UV nail dryer for your home instead your saloon shop.


  • It's smart design make people attracted
  • Lightweight and budget friendly
  • Fast drying and easy to use 
  • Automatic LED lighting


  • It can’t dry regular nail polish

Main Features :

  • LED with Ultraviolet Light
  • 24 Watt Lower Mode Supported
  • Four Timers : 10/30/60/90

Features Overview:

While researching the different nail drying machines sold, we discovered great wonders, such as the SUNUV SUN2C.

Features Synopsis:

To start, we want to tell you that this LED nail dryer also has ultraviolet light, which guarantees a more precise and direct finish. In addition, we can tell you that we really liked the flexibility of this dryer, because it can dry in four times of 10, 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

It has an efficient energy consumption and its power is the highest in the market, standing at 48 watts. However, a 24-watt low power mode can be used.

In addition, there is no risk of blackening at the finish of the enamel placed. What I liked most about this dryer is that it turns on just by putting your hand, and turns off after removing it.

The negative point that we could find this nail dryer is that after being used intensively, it usually gets too hot. Although there seems to be no risk for that, I may worry.

If you are looking for a dryer that is very effective, provide one of the best finishes and that you find comfortable, I ask you to consider the SUNUV SUN2C, because it meets all the above requirements.


  • It is a UV Nail Dryrer
  • It has a very high power
  • It turns on and off automatically


  • After long sessions, it may become overheated here

Main Features :

  • Upgraded design with 42 pcs LED Beads
  • Anti Sleep Feet
  • Four Timers (seconds) : 10/30/60/90
  • It has strong metal cover

Features Overview:

With high power and long last time Al Girl UV nail dryer is a great choice for cure your nail quickly or low heat modes. Its maximum working period of 120 seconds consume 50,000 hours working time.

Features Synopsis:

This nail dryer has bought handheld design which helps to carry it where you want. There is 80W-42 pieces LED beads that provides high power to cure you nail in a short time.

It has more space where you can keep your both hand or toenail & it is very easy to clean. 4 timers setting provides to set up time range as you want like 10s, 30s, 60s, 99s.

The 99s mode is painless curing process with low heat mode. These all features and materials are durable and provide long lifetime.

Buy the girl SCCD UV nail dryer and enjoy its latest technology.


  • Long usage Life
  • 4 Timer Setting
  • Easy to clean
  • More space


  • Some user complain its heavy in weight

Main Features :

  • Metal Cover and Cooling vent
  • High quality power adopter
  • Automatic sensor & LED Screen
  • Four Timers (seconds) : 10/30/45/60

Features Overview:

If you don’t want to spend extra money to get more powerful and fast nail dryers the Lumsirry 64W LED Dryer is the best solution for you.

Features Synopsis:

This nail dryer has bought 32 pieces LED bulbs with automatic sensor and LCD screen that shows instruction when you hand in and curing time.

There is a 4 touch timing button for ultimate nail drying with long life span about 50000 hours. It has unique design with metal body which is durable for a long life. It is  more convenient for pedicure & manicure and easy to clean. This 64W also includes a convinent handle so that you can carry it very easily where you want.

This Lumsirry 64W LED nail dryer can cures all kinds of gel polish in a short time as you want (10s/30S/45S/60S).


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic sensor
  • 4 touch timing button
  • Unique Open Design


  • Some user complain its heavy in weight

Main Features :

  • 48W Dual Light Source
  • Unique Apperance
  • Four Timers (seconds) : 15/30/60/90
  • Low Heat Mode

Features Overview:

If you are searching for a long last nail dryer with advance nail curing technology, Belle LED nail lamp dryer is a solid solution for you.

Features Synopsis:

This nail dryer has bought latest technology to cure your nail quickly with High power LED light. It has also low heat modes where you can cure your nail for a long time.

Its LED lamp last long life time. It provides long last battery capacity about 50,000 hours. There is also 4 timers setting which offers to set up time as you want (15s, 30s, 60s, 90s). As well as this Belle nail dryer offers 5 years warranty which is very important facilities for salon shop users or home uses.

However, it has unique colorful tribal prints on the surface which makes more attractive and eye blowing design to its users. The belle LED/UV nail lamp dryer is a perfect nail dryer for you with its facilities and advanced features.


  • Cure all kinds of gel
  • Auto sensing by infrared induction
  • Advance nail curing technology
  • 4 timer setting
  • Long lasting LED
  • 5 Years Warranty


  • It cooks the gel on good but it’s super temperamental with the lights
  • You have to hold your hand in it just right and not move or else it restarts

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Nail Dryer

Even if you bet on one of the options that I mentioned before, the result will always be the same. We want nails that dry quickly and we want them now!

This is how the nail dryer has become an indispensable tool in the manicure case of many girls.

Before choosing yours, we would like you to consider certain characteristics that can make the difference between a large investment and a complete loss of your money. Let's see: 

  • Size

First, when it comes to the best nail dryers, size does have to do. Although there are many types, without a doubt the best are those that allow drying the nails of both hands or feet at the same time, however, these are the largest dryers of all.

If a drying lamp allows 10 nails at a time, then it will not be less than 25-30 cm long, consider it as a base size, although there are also portable ones, which are much smaller so that you can travel with them and allow dry the nails of one hand or foot at a time.

The height usually does not go beyond 10 cm, so you have the opportunity to introduce your fingernails or feet comfortably.

  • Power

What will determine a faster drying of nails in terms of UV dryers, is the power. These types of bulbs work with 9 W of power, which is necessary to quickly dry the nails and will depend on how many bulbs a dryer brings to measure the power of the equipment.

Following the same example line, if a dryer has 9 W of power, it will take about 5 minutes to dry the nails.

However, if it has 36 W of power, it will take just 2 minutes.

But today there are several types of dryers and among them LED and UV light are the most powerful in terms of speed of drying.

This power will be determined by the amount of UV / LED bulbs with which it works, which could well consume about 5 W of power, but could dry a coat of paint in just 15-30 seconds.

  • Timer

Whatever type of dryer you work with, the most modern and ideal for you to come with a timer that works continuously with automatic shutdown. This means more comfort in many ways since you don't have to keep track of yourself.

Many of the dryers include preset programs of 2 or 3 minutes since it is the minimum time they need to dry the nail according to its power.

However, the devices that have LEDs come with several timers that can vary between 30, 20 or 15 seconds, offering several alternatives depending on the enamel layer.

  • Hands And Feet

This will depend on the model, size, and power of the drying lamp, you can find them to use only for hands or feet, as well as models suitable for both, that seeing it from the point of view of the investment is the most practical option and those that They have better user reviews.

  • Motion Sensors

This is a technology that surely you will not want to miss, but that is not mandatory either. Some nail dryers come with an integrated motion sensor.

This is responsible for turning the equipment on and off automatically without having to press any button when inserting and removing your hands or feet.

They are usually programmed together with the timer and offer the advantage that you can forget about turning the machine on and off while concentrating on other things.

However, it is not a technology of first importance, that is, you can do without it and save some money.

  • Compatibility

Before I told you a little about UV dryers and LEDs, these two are the types of technology with which nail dryers work, in some cases even together.

Each type of technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and the finish of the nail will depend on it and the enamel.

Those who use LED technology work quickly drying each layer at the same time, while consuming less energy, so you could say that they are more environmentally friendly.

They work in cold light and last several years before having to replace a bulb. To use them, compatibility is important, since they only work with enamels formulated for this technology.

Instead, those who work with UV technology usually cure all types of enamels in record time, although they involve constant changes in light bulbs, which are usually more fragile.

There are also CCFL lamps, which work with both LED and UV light, right now they are very common in the market and in terms of investment they are a great option that can not be hindered in terms of enamel types, compatibility or duration.

  • Technology

Contrary to the previous point, compatibility is a very important factor that you should be aware of before purchasing your ideal model.

It is something simple but decisive since not all nail dryers are compatible with all enamels and therein lies the importance of knowing what is the difference between each.

The best nail dryers are compatible with all gels. Some of good quality are compatible with the most recognized or important brands in the industry. Others are compatible only with some brands.

So you will have to be very aware when choosing your ideal enamel.

This compatibility has to do with drying, that is, if you apply permanent or semi-permanent nail polish and it is not compatible with the dryer, it may not work or the nail does not dry completely and you have made a bad investment.

  • Number Of Bulbs

The number of bulbs has as much to do with the speed and power of the machine, as the type of bulb required.

An LED light dryer that has four bulbs will significantly reduce the drying time of the enamel, the same happens with UV dryers.

Usually, they are manufactured in presentations that vary between 1 and 4 bulbs according to their size and model, and there are also micro bulbs or pearls.

However, both bulbs are different:

LEDs usually last about 50,000 hours on before they have to be replaced. The UV lasts between 3,000 and 5,000 hours, as they are more fragile and must be constantly changed.

  • Design

Although there are different designs, the most practical and used are those of compact size, which can be placed without problem in a manicure nail dryer table without clogging.

These are equipment that can be easily transported and moved, that is, the task of using them for the treatment of hands and feet is not cumbersome in the case of dryers that serve both functions, but it is also something that It will depend on the model you choose.

Tips For Using your Nail Dryer

  • Explore the Timer 

One of the keys to being able to use the dryer with ease is to know how to handle the drying times. Generally, these products offer between three and four-time options, so it is important to know which one works best for the paint we have.

  • Do Not Use it for Full Days 

Although in most cases nothing has happened, it has been reported that several products have excessive heating after use for many hours. Therefore, it is not advisable to require the nail dryer for a full day of work.

  • Make it Suit You 

On an LED nail lamp there are many opinions of all kinds. But in truth, there are so many products on the market that it is not worth discussing for one. The important thing is that you adapt this product to your needs and make it use something familiar to you.

Types of Apparatus for Drying Nail

In the market you get a wide range of nail dryers that includes machines that you can use at home, as well as those for professional use, then we will list the types:

  • Portable Nail Dryer 

These devices can be moved from one place to another, they usually work with alkaline batteries, they are the ideal complement to travel and still look splendid. They are lightweight, compact, easy to use and store.

  • UV Lamp Nail Dryers 

These models are widely used in beauty salons to perform manicures, many of them work with hot air and others with ultraviolet rays, both types are ideal for drying nails. They have different power levels according to the requirement for which it will be used. They come simple or with multiple bulbs.

  • LED Dryers

They can be given versatile use, either at home or in the beauty salon they can be used without problems, it is a high-end product and extremely expensive, but equally efficient, they also have a plus that does not have bulbs They pollute the environment.

What to Consider in Best-Led Nail Drying Lamp 

At the moment you decide to look for the best nail dryer, it is important that you take into account certain details, that will drive you to choose the right one and that best suits your needs. Next, we will list them:

  • Design and Size 

Look at those easy to store and transport. Usually, these devices usually measure 25 to 30 cm wide and not more than 10 cm high.

  • Technology (UV or LED Ultraviolet Rays) 

The difference lies in the drying time of the material used. The most recommended is the LED because its drying time is less and the consumption is less, however, UV nail dryers are used in all types of material.

  • Price 

UV nail lamps are usually cheaper than LED nail lamps. However, LED bulbs are more expensive and less durable than UV bulbs.

  • Power

The power of 18 W is recommended (that is, two 9-watt bulbs) may be sufficient for those who want to use them in their home. However, professional models require up to 48 W which equals 6 9-watt bulbs. The greater the number of bulbs the faster the drying will be.

  • Timers 

Make sure the product contains a timer for automatic shutdown.

Final Note

To choose best nail dryers on the market you must take into account what use you will give it and define the exact requirements you need to find the right one.

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