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10 Best Gas Can | Ultimate Review and Buying Guide of 2022

A high-quality and comfortable gas can is an essential part of your garage, tool shed, or workshop, even if it isn't the most glamorous piece of equipment you'll ever buy. Many people keep gas cans in their garage or vehicle in emergency situations or to store spare gas for lawn equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Anyone who has small children or pets at home should purchase a gas can that promotes safety and will not easily spill accidentally. Quality construction is an important consideration when selecting the best gas can. And nowadays, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for pouring and operating the can's spout. There are numerous configurations of gas can spouts available on the market.

Store Additional Gas 

In the event that you have a fuel controlled generator in your home or shop, you'll probably need to store additional gas to top it off in the event that you need it. Quality gas cans assist you with accomplishing that objective.

Transport Fuel

A vehicle running on empty is irritating. With the utilization of a gas can, you can ship fuel to the influenced vehicle, rapidly, securely, and without any problem.

Evade Poisonous Exhaust

Appropriately fixed gas cans keep hurtful exhaust from getting away from the holder. That is a significant security highlight that ensures your wellbeing and wellbeing.

Top Off Hardware

Heaps of development gear expects gas to work. Gas can make powering up that hardware a breeze.


Types of gas cans


Metal fuel containers are regularly more costly than the plastic variety, with some arriving at double the cost. These gas cans are ideal in case you're intending to store the fuel for longer timeframes without losing primary honesty. They can, in any case, start to rust under specific conditions.

If there should be an occurrence of fire, a metal holder can detonate, conceivably causing injury. That being stated, by and large, metal cans can hold more fuel than plastic ones and offer greater toughness yet are heavier and bulkier as a compromise.


Plastic gas cans are less expensive, lighter, and less cumbersome than metal ones, however this ease of use includes some significant pitfalls. They assimilate fuel and synthetics when kept filled throughout significant stretches of time, debilitating the construction of the can.

If there should arise an incident of fire, plastic cans will soften, however won't detonate. Whenever kept appropriately, this kind of gas can is an incredible alternative.

Top 10 Best Gas Can At a Glance

 Quick Look



Check Out

Justrite Gas Can

Justrite 5 Gallon

Type: Wood Arc Stand
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: Solid Russian Pine Hardwood

No-Spill Gas Can - Best Gas Can

No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can

Type: Adjustable
Size: 100 x 40 x 42 inches
Assembly Weight: 25 pounds
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Materials: Steel

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel 

Type: Heavy Duty Stand
Size: 144 x 36 x 48 inches
Assembly Weight: 30 pounds
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Materials: Steel

TERAPUMP 4th Gen - Best Gas Can


Type: Universal Hammock Stand
Size: 124 x 40 x 52.5 inches
Weight Capacity: 550 pounds
Materials: Powder Coated Steel

Midwest Can 8600 Diesel Can

Midwest Can 8600 Diesel Can

Type: Wood arc Stand
Size: 10.5 feet
Assembly Weight: 37 pounds
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Materials: Cypress wood

Sugarcane Diesel Fuel Can

Surecan Self Venting Diesel Fuel Can

Type: Adjustable
Size: 108 inches
Assembly Weight: 29 pounds
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds
Materials: Steel

VP Racing Fuels Motorsport Utility Jug

VP Racing Fuels Motorsport Utility Jug 

Type: Tri-beam Stand
Size: 180 inches long
Assembly Weight: 50 pounds
Weight Capacity: 600 pounds
Materials: Steel



Type: Traditional
Size: 110 x 47 x 43 inches
Assembly Weight: 30 pounds
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Materials: Steel

Eagle Gas Can

Eagle UI-50-SY Type 

Type: One-piece style
Size: 118 x 28.5 x 40 inches
Assembly Weight: 19 pounds
Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
Materials: Steel

Quick-Flow Gasoline Can

Quick-Flow Spout Midwest Can

Type: Two-pronged Stand
Size: 108 x 48 x 44 inches
Assembly Weight: 30 pounds
Weight Capacity: 450 pounds
Materials: Powder-coated steel

  Main Features :

  • Large ID zone permits user labeling of contents to avoid misuse
  • Stainless steel flame arrester for exceptional corrosion protection
  • Gasoline, Gas-Oily Mixture, Kerosine, Diesel
  • Self-closing lid controls vapors and spills

Features Overview

Finding the correct harmony between having the option to store enough gas and hauling it around with you can be off-kilter. This can measures 11¾ by 17½ inches, so it will fit serenely in your vehicle. It will hold up to five gallons, which is a considerable amount of fuel to store. It does, however, make hauling it around very substantial. There is no uncertainty that this can has been made to be not difficult to utilize.

It has a flame resistor made from stainless steel that also helps the movement of gas into the can. But perhaps more importantly, it prevents flashback ignition. This will give the contents of the can a little protection from any fire that is near, though obviously only for a short period of time. It has a trigger with a ‘Safe-squeeze’ design. This allows you to control the flow of the gas when the can is in use. And on the subject of usage, pouring fluid from the can is straightforward and safe courtesy of a nine-inch attached hose.

When not in use, the spout will tightly close automatically to prevent any leakage. Justrite's gas can is very much made utilizing quality steel that has been given an inflammable covering for insurance. It has a solid plan that will take sway and won't scratch or get harmed without any problem. 

The can has a ton of valid statements and therefore should be considered as one of the better gas cans. Being so all around made and strong with helpful highlights makes it incredibly protected. Be that as it may, is anything but an especially modest alternative.


  • Very well made
  • Durable
  • Good safety features
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Can be very heavy when full

  Main Features :

  • The design allows for more precise product fueling, reducing spills and overflows
  • Thumb button control for easy and precise poring
  • View stripes on the front and rear of gas can
  • Attached dust cover and stainless steel mesh screen

Features Overview

This model is another five-gallon can, yet this time produced using an intense high thickness formed polyethylene. One of the huge points of interest of plastic-based gas cans is that they are lightweight. Vacant, this can tips the scales at under two pounds.

This gas can has an extraordinary plan for use in that it utilizes a press button control. It is pressure-based, and in this way you can direct the progression of the gas or other liquid. This is effectively accomplished by the measure of pressing factor you apply with your thumb on the catch. At the point when you need to utilize it, push down.

An additional helpful component is there is a transparent bit of plastic inherent to the can. You can, along these lines, promptly see precisely what is left and when you may require a top off. Being made of plastic, it may appear to some somewhat defenseless, yet this isn't the situation. It is produced using extremely great, solid plastic.

The plastic contains materials that will withstand warm and lessen any danger from a close by fire. We have just referenced the instrument for use, however this additionally implies that the can is totally sealed shut. A hermetically sealed can, however, has its drawback in that whenever presented to boundaries of temperature, it can contract and extend.

This isn't generally something to be thankful for, yet it will fairly rely upon the temperature vacillations where you reside. It should be somewhat a wide reach have an effect. 

In any case, it is EPA endorsed. As are most plastic-based cans, this is set at an exquisite value point that makes it less expensive than the metal-based same. In that capacity, it is an appealing choice.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Useful features to prevent spillage


  • Tends to expand/contract with temperature changes.

  Main Features :

  • Has flame arrestor screen
  • Patented comfort grip Trigger release with spring closing lid and fixed Handle
  • Red baked on powder coat finish over lead free galvanized steel construction
  • 5 gallon gasoline Safety can with poly yellow funnel.

Features Overview

This is a well-made and robust can from Eagle that will hold up to five gallons. It is a reasonable size for fitting in the trunk of a car measuring 13.5 x 12.5 inches. It might be a reasonably compact size, but the rugged and strong build makes it quite heavy.

But, the round base design also makes it quite stable whenever it is stored. Because of its robust build and design, we consider it as one of the best gas cans. The design features have considered most of the problems that face people using gas cans, and a funnel is supplied with it. This is a good idea as it’s going to allow you to direct the flow accurately and avoid spillage. It will also help with the filling of the can as well.

There is an end top on a sprung framework which has a gasket produced using Neoprene. Neoprene is a rubber treated material that is utilized for gaskets and other fixing needs. This is on the grounds that it is sturdy however adaptable and impervious to oils and water, making it an ideal material for fixing a gas can. At that point, it has an agreeable trigger delivery for when you convey the gas, making it simple to utilize yet additionally permitting control of the streaming sum. The danger of fire when being used is diminished by the non-starting fire arrestor, which is fundamental when managing any sort of combustible fluid.

It is made of 24-check electrifies steel, so there won't be any jars made with sturdier materials around. The plan has guaranteed a consistent development, so there will be zero chance of any breaks all things considered.

Just that the can is very substantial when unfilled. At the point when full, it implies you needn't bother with the rec center that day for one arm at any rate. This may be a futile flaw, however, and five gallons of gas can never be lightweight. Yet, add the strength of the can, and it will be substantial.


  • Highly durable 
  • Very easy to use
  • Good safety additions


  • Rather heavy

  Main Features :

  • Longer Dischage Hose ( 25 to 35 inch ) Fuel from greater distances
  • Power Button cover updated for Accidental Spills
  • Our Built-In Sensor will warn you with a boisterous Beep preventing any Overflow
  • Transfers up to 2.4 Gallons per Min with 4 AA batteries

Features Overview

It has a limit with respect to five gallons and a solitary spout for both pouring and for filling. The can is appropriate for capacity, for transportation of combustible fluids, and obviously, for apportioning them. It is FM affirmed, and it follows the norms set by the OHSA.

The can is produced using a substantial electrifies steel, and having a particularly steady form quality makes it impervious to certain synthetic compounds and rust. It will likewise take a couple of thumps without bringing about gouges. The completion has a powder covering that lessens the dangers of scratching, chipping, or other shallow surface harm.

At the point when we have taken a gander at Eagle items before they have been very much made and appropriate for their motivation. This has all the earmarks of being another such gas can, set at a sensible value point, making it great incentive for cash.


  • Saves having to fill yourself
  • 2.4-gallon transfer per minute


  • Batteries are not included

  Main Features :

  • Virtually eliminates hydrocarbon emissions
  • Holds 5 gallons of diesel and oil mixes
  • EPA requirements for portable fuel containers
  • Two handles for easier use and handling

Features Overview

This is a five-gallon gas can from Midwest for certain awesome focuses yet in addition a couple that may be viewed as not all that great. One of the plan issues it might have for certain individuals is its size. It estimates 24 by 21 by 10 inches, which is very huge for a gas can.

This may mess stockpiling up for proprietors of more modest vehicles in the event that you need to heft it around. Notwithstanding, there is likewise a positive to the size in that for home or carport stockpiling; it is a respectable size. This can has a helpful plan highlight that some different producers could gain from.

Five gallons of fuel can be very hefty, and when you are filling something, it will require some exertion. The incredible element about this can is that it has two handles, one on the top and one on the back. These make it exceptionally simple to utilize yet additionally to convey in the event that you end up being simply moving it.

Another great plan in addition to with this can is that it has a base level that is given a touch of additional width. This lessens its danger being inadvertently pushed over. Thus, some helpful plan highlights, yet we referenced several things that were not all that great.

In any case, one more plan positive is that on the off chance that it is pushed over, it will seal itself to forestall spillage, and that is a phenomenal security include. Midwest's gas can is produced using plastic, yet it is a tough HDPE material that is solid. Normal use won't be an issue, giving you know about the likely issues with a defective spout. It is not difficult to deal with and convey and, aside from the spout, a decent plan. It is set at a respectable value point, so it will be an appealing alternative for a few.


  • Good quality build
  • Two handles
  • Reasonable Price


  • Potentially leaky spout

  Main Features :

  • 5-gallon diesel fuel can helps fill your big machines
  • 80-degree flexible rotating nozzle makes pouring gas into your truck or tractor easier
  • Self-venting for smooth fuel flow and minimal spillage
  • Bottom handgrips help you support the weight and keep your fingers comfy

Features Overview

Here is another gas can that is worked to hold five gallons of fuel. This can, however has a tad of a preferred position over a portion of its rivals. It may just be a minor detail to a few, however this can is somewhat more modest than most. At 15.61 x 10.24 x 15.27 inches, it is minimal and simple to hold.

This additionally implies that it will be not difficult to heft around in more modest vehicles. This, alongside some other magnificent plan highlights, makes it perhaps the most flexible gas cans you can purchase. It is easy to use with a long and adaptable spout that has its in addition to focuses.

It has a handle just as a conveying grasp under, making it simple to move around with two hands. It has some incredible wellbeing highlights, one of which is the cap, which is kid confirmation, an awesome and fundamental thought. In any case, this makes eliminating the top somewhat interesting.

It is made of plastic, however an intense and solid plastic, so there are no worries about solidness or security here. To add to the amazing plan highlights, it is worked to be spill-confirmation, which implies no wreck to clear up after you have released the substance.

It will likewise freed you of that endless issue of getting the last drop out without spilling it. Being additionally impermeable, it won't permit some other outside undesirable materials to enter the can. It's very costly for a plastic can, intense all things considered, however we think an incredible purchase.


  • Good quality build
  • Very strong
  • Excellent safety and operating features


  • The child-proof feature can make it awkward to fill

  Main Features :

  • Made with only the highest quality virgin high-density polyethylene.
  • The containers are subjected to a 15 point quality test
  • They feature an ergonomically contoured handle, bottom grip for easy pouring
  • Excellent storage and transport of water, automotive & industrial fluid

Features Overview

A utility container may be the most ideal method of portraying this can, as that is decisively what it resembles. It is a minimal gas can estimating 10.2 by 10.3 by 21.3 inches, so it is effortlessly put away and an ideal size for the storage compartment of even the littlest vehicle.

It is just around one of the least demanding to utilize gas cans you will discover. The can is filled utilizing a similar spout from which the fuel is administered. At that point, to make it simpler and smoother to use, there is a vent with a cap close to the spout.

You likewise should be cautious that when the can is full, that gas doesn't spill through the vent we referenced. This can happen in any event, when it is in a bad way firmly shut. It is a plastic can produced using high caliber and extreme polyethylene that is made to have the option to deal with most kinds of mileage. It is hence truly reasonable for gas cans.

The cap has an elastic gasket that is there to dispose of any breaks and potential spillage as well. A sensible value point creates this a gas can that some may see as an amazing option in contrast to more standard plans.


  • Strong build
  • Easy to carry around
  • Reasonable price


  • Some spillage issues when using from full

  Main Features :

  • Control flow with simple press button
  • Spill control with included spout extension
  • EPA and CARB compliant design
  • Integrated flame mitigation technology

Features Overview

 This gas can from Garage Boss has been intended to make it simple to store and pour your gas. It has a shape that the organization says will make filling your cutter, or whatever you need agreeable and clean. Be that as it may, as far as we might be concerned, there gives off an impression of being a plan disadvantage.

There is by all accounts an issue that may make this very interesting. It has a five-gallon limit, which is a functional size and has some phenomenal wellbeing highlights worked in. It has a kid security cap that will prevent our little dears from burning the carport. This expansion will likewise keep exhaust from getting away, which is additionally a smart thought. It additionally has a fire moderation gadget, and the spout has been made to work as a press and pour plan.

The pace of smooth motion, in any case, is very delayed with this framework, so it will take a short time to utilize each of the five gallons. The EPA is an American overseeing body that handles ecological insurance matters, however that won't be of any interest to anybody outside of the US.

All things considered, as far as we might be concerned, it just has one handle in the center, which implies you need to get a significant substantial would when be able to full and point and release the substance utilizing one wrist. That doesn't appear to be an agreeable or productive method of doing it. Maybe two handles may have been a superior thought for this state of a gas can.


  • Good safety features
  • Attractive price range


  • Rather slow pouring
  • One handle

  Main Features :

  • Type I safety can used to store, transport, and dispense flammable liquids safely
  • Made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust, dents, and certain chemicals
  • Flame arrestor helps prevent liquids inside the can from igniting and keep flames from spreading
  • Spout cap self-closes to help prevent leaks or spills

Features Overview

It has a limit with respect to five gallons and a solitary spout for both pouring and for filling. The can is appropriate for capacity, for transportation of combustible fluids, and obviously, for apportioning them. It is FM affirmed, and it follows the norms set by the OHSA.

The can is produced using a substantial electrifies steel, and having a particularly steady form quality makes it impervious to certain synthetic compounds and rust. It will likewise take a couple of thumps without bringing about gouges. The completion has a powder covering that lessens the dangers of scratching, chipping, or other shallow surface harm.

The cap on the spout is one-inch width and self-closes, which will guarantee there are no releases or any inadvertent spillage. To deliver any fumes, the cap get together can be opened, and it additionally has a fire arrestor. This will stop whatever is put away in the can from touching off, and it will likewise, on account of a fire, prevent the blazes from spreading.

It gauges six and a half pounds in a vacant state, which implies, obviously, it will be very hefty when it is full. At the point when we have taken a gander at Eagle items before they have been very much made and appropriate for their motivation. This has all the earmarks of being another such gas can, set at a sensible value point, making it great incentive for cash.


  • Galvanized steel
  • good features for protection
  • Very well-made


  • Will be heavy to carry around

  Main Features :

  • Features Exclusive Flame shield Safety System
  • Provides a Double Layer of Protection from Accidental Fires
  • High Density Polyethylene Gas Can
  • It meets all EPA prerequisites

Features Overview

It offers a protected and solid gas can at an extremely serious value point. It's a very minimal and lightweight alternative that holds up to two gallons and eight ounces of fuel, ideal for more modest positions when you would prefer not to carry enormous, weighty gas jars around.

This helpful gas can is developed from sturdy, high-thickness polyethylene and highlights fume boundary innovation incorporated directly into the dividers of the holder. It meets or surpasses all EPA prerequisites.

This gas can likewise comes furnished with a Flame Shield Safety System that incorporates the fume bolting Quick-Flow ramble, yet in addition an exceptional interior fire relief gadget to give a twofold layer of assurance from inadvertent fire.

One thing that clients do appear to note is that due to the additional wellbeing measures inside the spout, it can take some becoming accustomed to before you're ready to effortlessly work it, so don't get disappointed in the event that it takes a couple of attempts.


  • Good features for protection
  • Very well-made


  • Will be heavy to carry around

Best Gas Can : Buying Guide

Fuel Capacity : 

Consider how much fuel you need the gas can to store. Will a little gas can get the job done or do you require something somewhat greater? A bigger fuel tank is a more financially savvy arrangement, however remember that a topped off fuel can get dramatically heavier the greater it is.

Hardware Type:

Request yourself what the fundamental reason from the gas can will be. Do you need it to top off a generator, or would you say you are energizing grass gear? This will influence the kind of spout you need, just as decide the best size and sort of your picked holder.

Security Features:

Gas cans should meet an entire rundown of prerequisites to be viewed as lawful and safe for use. These guidelines are made by the EPA and the DOT to ensure shoppers, so it's essential to keep an eye out that the compartment you select meets these prerequisites. Your smartest option is to just buy an affirmed compartment that is recorded by a broadly perceived testing lab, for example, UL.

Best Gas Can : Different Considerations


Here, consider that metal and plastic holders both have their focal points and weaknesses. The main distinction is in their solidness. Metal jars are considerably more sturdy, yet in addition a lot heavier. Plastic models have the upside of being lighter and more versatile, yet at the expense of being less strong generally.


Watch out for the nature of the assembling. In the event that the item you're purchasing is tried by UL or a comparable testing lab, odds are, the quality is acceptable. It's as yet essential to watch that the creases are all around built, the spout and cap are high caliber, and that the general compartment is intended for simple taking care of.


Some models accompany a youngster safe screw cap that is extra solid and strong, keeping kids from opening gas canisters. It's a smart thought to get a model with this element in case you're putting away the fuel at home.

Final Note

In case you're topping off gas compartments at the corner store, ensure you eliminate them from your vehicle prior to topping off. Continuously place compartments on the ground, staying away from your vehicle to forestall harm or wounds.

Electricity produced via friction can make fuel light, so it's critical to contact the holder with the gas allocator spout prior to eliminating the compartment cover. While filling the gas can, keep the spout in contact with the compartment to forestall a development of static charge.

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